Busy Bee

I have been so exhausted this week! On Saturday, one of my aunt’s came up from Salt Lake City, Utah to lay sod at my grandma’s house. It turned out, there was seven adults participating, and we planted something like eight-hundred dollars (just a personal estimate) of the grass, and as you know it’s a lot of work.

The grass isn’t doing so well. We’ve been trying to keep it wet as instructed, but it’s tough. We’re watering it at least 2 to 3 times a day for several hours, but it’s just not going to cut it. It’s just too hot and the dirt underneath is old horse pasture. All the grass that’s been planted there in the past several years has failed.

I am not expecting this sod to work. It is a shame too, considering the work I put into it, and how much I hurt because of that. Well, I said I’d do it, even though it was on a Saturday, which happens to be the day of rest for me (I do not like working on Saturdays, the day of rest, or Sundays, the sabbath), so I did it and now I’m suffering.

It probably wouldn’t be so bad if I was still riding the bike back and forth from mile marker 7 on SR 18 and the St. George Branch of the Washington County Library every day. I am really falling out of shape. When I left Satan George, Utah, I had legs of steel from riding that 6 or so miles up that steep grade every night, not to mention all the other riding around town I did during every day.

Since coming to Sick City, Idaho, my forearms have been getting the workout. The day after I arrived, I started helping my good friend walk and build fences for a cattleman. It’s not a physically demanding job, but I have noticed the extra build in my forearms. I’m not sure what it is that’s working those muscles, but I speculate it’s the post-hole (railroad tie) digging.

It is relatively easy work, and it has been good to be able to do it. I hated not having anything to do in Satan George, Utah because of all those socialist a-holes who wouldn’t hire me. Anyway, it’s the sod experience from Saturday that wasted me. I did something to my right hand that day, making it excruciating to do anything with it.

Well oh, today was a good resting day, it was stormy this morning and rained off and on all day. I just stayed home and played with the kids. There are currently three nieces and four nephews here. 😀

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