Black 11

I have a new infatuation. The woman I refer to as Black 11, for her softball team and number. She is one of the most beautiful, sexy women here in Sick City, Idaho. I’d give anything in this world to marry her. She’s awesome eye-candy, and I know she can have loads of lovely daughters someday. 🙂

The city league is over, but now I’ve see her just about everywhere. Last Saturday, I went to the Welsh Festival, and there she was. Looking as gorgeous as ever. She’s let her hair down and it’s amazing. For softball, she wore it in long pigtail braids Lora Engles (that’s Little House on the Prairie) style, which seems to be the latest fashion.

She was also at the 4th of July activities yesterday. Daisy Duke style shorts. Oh jeez, I don’t know why God does that to me. She and a friend just as good looking and sexy as her were wondering around the park seemingly aimless through the throngs of people. I’m sure she thinks I’m a scary old freak. Every time she looked at me I got caught staring at those brown eyes and distinctive facial features. I tried smiling ever time I remembered to, but she’s never smiled back.

Well, my thoughts are centered on her now, much to my own annoyance. There’s no way a woman like her is going to be interested or attracted to someone as old and scary as me. Or any of the other girls here in Sick for that matter. Not that it’s as bad as Satan George, Utah though. Already, I have caught a few lovelies the way Black 11 keeps catching me. 😉

Unfortunately, my attraction to Black 11 is purely physical at this point. I don’t think that will ever change, I just don’t have any reason to pursue a conversation with her. She hasn’t shown any interest in me after all, and I’m not one to waste time on frivolous pursuits. The problem is that now that I’ve got her stuck in my mind, I’ll start missing other opportunities with women who are interested in me. And Sick City, Idaho is absolutely loaded with beautiful women, some of which are bound to be looking for the same thing I am in relationships.
Of course, I thought I was holding out for Rexburg. 😀

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