The Movie Critique 013

Well, I just watched Firewall. It was better than I thought it would be. And the woman who played the daughter! Wow, what a sweetie! She was a sexy thing, too bad they under wrote the part. The idiot who wrote the movie tried to make her a kid. I’ve never seen a woman the age she was portraying act like so childish like her character was. Cape Fear is more realistic of a woman that age.

The probability of anything like this plot and story actually happening the way it did in the movie, has got to be zero percent. There were so many red flags with Jack. And, I cannot believe how sloppy everything was and it still worked. Well, it was just a movie. And it was good for the entertainment.
I’ve seen a lot more worse movies than I’ve seen of better. There’s a lot of action, which could have been better with a younger actor. Makes me actually fear the next Indiana Jones movie.

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