Webpage Update

Well, that’s just like me. 🙂 The main purpose I updated my website last time to change my age. It’s a new year, and I’m a year older. So, what did I change? Everything else that also needed changing, but not my age. So, I have finally done so. You’ll now find that my age as reported on my About Me page is 30 now instead of the previous 29.

But, between you and me, I still feel like 16. My number three niece tells me I look nineteen. 😀 I wish that was true, then I would still be able to get the girls like I used to. 😉 My niece also thinks that I should marry Emma Watson, but I have tried to explain that that will never happen (for all the obvious reasons, not to mention that even though she is my celebrity crush, I tend to keep my marriage and relationship prospects more realistic and tangible). Not to worry though, I have already consigned myself to the image of the lonely, old, scary guy that I evidently am.

Anyway, you can checkout the change here:
index.html or index.html

Also, as mentioned unofficially in my last post, I have made similar changes in various online profiles I keep, such as Blogger, and Yahoo!, and MSN. I’ll get to AIM and ICQ as soon as I can.

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