Move Over Emma!

😀 Yesterday, I was watching a run of several old episodes of Monk. I didn’t think to write down any of the titles of the episodes I saw, so I cannot be specific which episodes they were.

Anyway, one of the characters is a beautiful young woman by the name of Julie. She has the most awesome hair imaginable, it’s really super long and … well, beautiful. I like her character too. I like all the characters on that show, but she could easily be one of my favorites.

The budding young actor who plays her is Emmy Clarke, and I have got to say, move over Emma Watson, because this woman could be my next celebrity crush. She is so cute, and with hair like that, it’s all over for me.

Interestingly enough, I “discovered” her on the month of her birthday. Her birthday is September 25th. Well, happy birthday for her.

One thing that I find interesting is that she lives in Connecticut. How can that be when she is a regular on Monk as Mr. Monks Partner’s daughter? Do they fly her out once a week during filming? Amazing! Apparently, someone has recognized her potential and is willing to help her into stardom at extreme costs. Right on!

And, Sally Peep is back. Way cool. She will be staring as Holly on CBS’s new series The Class. Way to go Lucy Punch! Before Emma Watson adorned my computer desktops in her radiant perfection, I had Lucy’s very sensuous character Sally Peep beaming that gorgeous smile of hers. It was a frame capture I did from the made for T.V. movie The Tenth Kingdom (one of my favorites) where the main characters first meet Sally.

Sally: “I’m a shepherdess.”
Wolf: “There’s no question about that Sally.”

That picture still serves as my startup and shutdown logos for my MS Windows operating system. I still get to see that smile on a daily basis.

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