Here’s JoJo!

Well, I’m watching RV. I remember seeing previews of this movie in the theaters and thinking “Wow, that looks like a hot chick, I wonder who she is”. I told myself I’d have to watch it to see her. I thought she was some newcomer, which she is, but after all the hype of Aquamarine, now I know who she is.

Unlike in Aquamarine, JoJo is a totally sexy babe in this movie. She is so hot. And cute, and lovable, and absolutely sexy.


Did you ever see that Seinfeld episode where Jerry had a girlfriend who was good looking one moment and repulsive the another? Well, that’s the way it is with JoJo for me. Like in Aquamarine, she was cute but then she would smile large and her facial defects became vivid. I didn’t think she was all that attractive because of those defects. Yet, in RV, she’s one of the hottest women in Hollywood.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think her dimples make her repulsive, I’m just less attracted to her big smile. Her grins and small smiles are perfect. So perfect in fact that I have considered switching my current desktop background of Emma Watson (you didn’t really think I could make it through an entry about a cute celebrity without mentioning her did ya?) with a frame of her from this movie. Well . . .

You know what else I love about JoJo, is her voice. It just sounds so real. I don’t know how to explain it, some women seem to have a phony or pretend voice that they use like they’re afraid of their real voice. Her voice seems natural. I like that, it’s very refreshing to hear. It makes her all the more attractive.

Frozen Waldo

Well, I’ve been snowed on twice in a week now. Welcome to Sick City, Idaho. One of the huge reasons I chose Satan George, Utah to move to back in the winter of ’03, was to get away from the snow. Now that I’m back, I have been dreading the winter to come. Already it’s as cold as it got in Satan George, Utah last winter. The temperature lingered around 30° F. all day today. Brrrr.

To make matters even worse, for work I’m helping reroof a hundred+ year old barn. The job was put off all summer, if you can believe it, because of the “heat”. If you ask me, or even if you don’t, it never got hot enough this summer not do it. In fact, after that one entry I wrote about the work I was doing that first week here, it mysteriously became to hot to work. Now it’s too cold. That’s right, no work today. And I feel like this is just the beginning.

Not that I mind not doing that kind of work, after all, I didn’t come here to do any of that. It’s just that I was hoping to do a bunch of these odd jobs and getting enough money to get a new vehicle, build a new canoe, and build a new camper trailer. Relatively inexpensive, but now unobtainable before my gaol of moving back home in Island Park, Idaho in the spring. I was hoping that by next winter, I would have sold my first book and started to make money on my writing, or at least enough to get an apartment for the winter.

Well Oh. In the mean time I’ve got to put up with the chill of this winter, which is well on its way. Did I ever mention how much I hate snow and winter in general. 😀

I hate snow.

Frozen Lisa

Well, I’m going to have to give up on the whole idea of that movie critique thing. I’ve been seeing so many motion pictures lately that I just can’t remember what I’ve watched and what I wanted to say about it. I had two years of movie watching to catch up on, which actually seems weird because even when I was living as a homeless in Satan George, Utah, I still got to the movie theater more per month than any previous time in my life. Hmmm, the life of the homeless, someone should write a book. 😉

I can not remember most of what I rented and checked out last week, (King Kong, the Sum of All Fears, the Terminal, Fat Albert, and three others) but Sum was good, the Terminal was excellent, Kong was . . . as bad as I thought it would be, the word “sucked” comes to mind. Fat Albert on the other hand was great. I loved it. It impressed me a great deal, and I watched it several times. It has great plot, story, and character development. And, not to mention the sex appeal. Well, o.k. I’ll mention it, those ladies were fine! More than fine, down right sexy.

The week before that I had actually been in the mood for some sex appeal, so I got Aquamarine. I was interested in the amorous miss JoJo, and anxious to see what all the hype was about Emma (yep another one) Roberts. Turns out Emma is a pretty skinny under developed cutie and the gorgeous JoJo never dressed down for the beach. But not to distress, it was an awesome show and I enjoyed it a few times. It’s a really cute and fun movie and great for the whole family. My mom, my sister, and I laughed a bit and felt pretty good about it.

As far as sex appeal goes, Aquamarine didn’t quite cut it, adorable would be a better word, and I did have a backup movie called The Little Black Book. Now, I’m not a fan of extreme skinniness, but I did find whats-her-name fairly cute in a goofy-face sort of way, and the sexiness of the show was about right. As a matter of fact, I got more than I bargained for with all her unexpected panty scenes, which did heighten her cuteness.

I don’t generally get in such a lustful state, and I was somewhat distressed about it so, I tried to get some movies that would counter these desires. So in addition to Aquamarine and Little Black Book, I checked out some family style action flicks. I can’t remember all of them now. (My Monday video routine is four check-outs from the library and two 5 day rentals at 75 cents each.) The one that stuck with me was Zathura, a Space Adventure.


Zathura totally kicked ass. Not only that, but it turned out to be exactly what I was craving that week. It was loaded with action and tension and comedy. All the actors were superb and the direction phenomenal. The special effects rocked, they were real (like in the good ol’e days) and had just the right mix of CG. When I saw the frozen Lisa, I was blown away. My immediate thought was ‘how’d they do that?’ (which is saying a lot, because I know EVERYTHING about film making) followed by ‘I want a frozen Lisa’. The detail was so amazing. She looked so alive! Not just lifelike, but alive while frozen! Woah.

Zathura totally took the cake for sex appeal that week. Lisa is so hot. I was totally blown away by her. She was mesmerizing and captivating. And I love her energy, it really vitalized the movie and balanced the film. Every shot of her was l like ‘she’s so beautiful’. On retrospect, I ponder my reaction to that wonderful actor. I realized that one of the major reasons I was so fascinated with her may have been because she entered every scene with a bang. It’s like one frame she’s not there, and we’ve lost track of the character, then BOOM! there she is. She just kinda pops into the scene unexpectedly, all gung-ho and breathtaking.

I watched Zathura several times, for all the reasons mentioned above. In fact, I’d like to own the DVD. And, I’d give anything to own the frozen Lisa, and not for sex appeal.