Frozen Waldo

Well, I’ve been snowed on twice in a week now. Welcome to Sick City, Idaho. One of the huge reasons I chose Satan George, Utah to move to back in the winter of ’03, was to get away from the snow. Now that I’m back, I have been dreading the winter to come. Already it’s as cold as it got in Satan George, Utah last winter. The temperature lingered around 30° F. all day today. Brrrr.

To make matters even worse, for work I’m helping reroof a hundred+ year old barn. The job was put off all summer, if you can believe it, because of the “heat”. If you ask me, or even if you don’t, it never got hot enough this summer not do it. In fact, after that one entry I wrote about the work I was doing that first week here, it mysteriously became to hot to work. Now it’s too cold. That’s right, no work today. And I feel like this is just the beginning.

Not that I mind not doing that kind of work, after all, I didn’t come here to do any of that. It’s just that I was hoping to do a bunch of these odd jobs and getting enough money to get a new vehicle, build a new canoe, and build a new camper trailer. Relatively inexpensive, but now unobtainable before my gaol of moving back home in Island Park, Idaho in the spring. I was hoping that by next winter, I would have sold my first book and started to make money on my writing, or at least enough to get an apartment for the winter.

Well Oh. In the mean time I’ve got to put up with the chill of this winter, which is well on its way. Did I ever mention how much I hate snow and winter in general. 😀

I hate snow.

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