Here’s JoJo!

Well, I’m watching RV. I remember seeing previews of this movie in the theaters and thinking “Wow, that looks like a hot chick, I wonder who she is”. I told myself I’d have to watch it to see her. I thought she was some newcomer, which she is, but after all the hype of Aquamarine, now I know who she is.

Unlike in Aquamarine, JoJo is a totally sexy babe in this movie. She is so hot. And cute, and lovable, and absolutely sexy.


Did you ever see that Seinfeld episode where Jerry had a girlfriend who was good looking one moment and repulsive the another? Well, that’s the way it is with JoJo for me. Like in Aquamarine, she was cute but then she would smile large and her facial defects became vivid. I didn’t think she was all that attractive because of those defects. Yet, in RV, she’s one of the hottest women in Hollywood.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think her dimples make her repulsive, I’m just less attracted to her big smile. Her grins and small smiles are perfect. So perfect in fact that I have considered switching my current desktop background of Emma Watson (you didn’t really think I could make it through an entry about a cute celebrity without mentioning her did ya?) with a frame of her from this movie. Well . . .

You know what else I love about JoJo, is her voice. It just sounds so real. I don’t know how to explain it, some women seem to have a phony or pretend voice that they use like they’re afraid of their real voice. Her voice seems natural. I like that, it’s very refreshing to hear. It makes her all the more attractive.

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