I found a great treasure on the internet today. Celtx. It’s a script writing program that runs in Linux. It looks pretty cool and does everything I need it to do, and more. I look forward to using it a great deal. It’s just too frustrating to write screenplays from a full-featured wordprocessor like WordPerfect and OpenOffice.org (which is the one I use ;-)). I was looking for something simple and more specialized.

I can keep track of characters, locations, and a host of preproduction tools. I can include prop, cast and crew info, as well as budgeting and scheduling. It’s even available in Windows, and Mac operating environments. I can also collaborate with others via networking, internet, forums, etc..

I’m pretty happy. I’ve looked for something like this several times before, but always came up empty handed. Sure, there are some good programs out there, but they are expensive and are only ported to Windows and Mac. For a Linux buff like me, that just doesn’t cut it. And, like most Linux software, it is 100% free.

From my initial test of the software today, I can see I’m going to be using Celtx for quite a while.

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