I Want My MTV

The DVD player in the living has stopped working. I guess it just couldn’t handle the Superman movies. I don’t know what’s wrong with it, but I will no longer be renting movies every week. At least for a while.

Tonight, I flipped through the channels, never quite settling for any one thing. I found myself switching between that new show on TNT called My Boys, which stars this totally sexy woman who is such a knock-out gorgeous babe when her hair is fixed long and curly, and a fun show on TV Land spotlighting memorable television catchphrases. Or, maybe I watched the catchphrase show first then began switching between My Boys and one of those stupid VH1 countdown shows-this time about celebrity mistakes or something.

Anyway, one of the catchphrases that I remembered was the “I want my MTV” from back when MTV was new. It was part of a promotion to get cable companies to pickup the channel. And it worked.

Now I remember when MTV came out. I used to watch it all the time-well, that and Nickelodeon (You Can’t Do That on Television rocked!). They were the greatest channels on cable next to HBO. Back then, MTV was Music Television. Non stop music videos. It was totally awesome! Today, my MTV doesn’t exist. There are so many shows of all sorts on that channel. I cannot just tune in to MTV and watch music videos.

Well, I want my MTV.

I got wondering what would happen if we all started calling MTV and declaring “I want my MTV!” Could we reign in that wayward channel and bring it back to it’s roots? Nothing but nonstop music videos 24/7? Probably not, but it was worth a thought.

I want my MTV. Come to think of it, I want my Nickelodeon, what a franchise that turned out to be.

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