Webpage Update

Well, it is 2007 so I’ve done my yearly dates and ages update throughout the entire site. Also, while preparing for an a new upcoming page (Dungeons & Dragons FINALLY!), I discovered some problems with the Table of Contents page (things that should have been updated ages ago), so I’ve fixed that all up. Basically, when I first launched the renovation back in ’04 (?), I allotted specific pages for my Dungeon & Dragons and Star Trek pages which I commented out on the javascript menu and noted “coming soon” on the all the html pages. Later on, those pages got reassigned to other html navigation pages, but I forgot to change the links. Anyone who had clicked on the Star Trek or D&D links from the contents page (page16.html) ended up with the favorite links and helpful resources indexes. Oops. Well, it’s all fixed now, but if you click on the D&D link, you’ll get a 404 because it’s not there yet. I should be there within the month.

You can access Waldo’s Web at http://waldowoc.100free.com or http://www.geocities.com/waldowoc.

So, if you haven’t checked it out yet, do so! 😀

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