Stargate SG-1 was canceled this year. It ran for 10 seasons. I loved that show. In fact, I currently have my old Ati All-In-Wonder Pro card installed on my desktop computer because I don’t have a television set and I wanted to watch Stargate SG-1. I even installed cable to my room just to watch Stargate on the local Fox channel (The Cable Company I have does not provide the Sci-Fi Channel). But, since Sci-Fi canceled it, Fox removed it from their lineup as well. Damn.

It is amazing; the depths I was willing to go just to see Stargate SG-1. A major reason for having DSL was so I could watch online TV and hopefully find the show. I have been unsuccessful in that endeavor as well. I have spent a lot of money on SG-1. And effort. And Time.

Enter an awesome sale at Shopko. In my weekly visit to Pocatello, I stopped by Shopko and was amazed at the price of the DVD series’s. Stargate was on sale for $19.99 a season. Shopko normally sold it for about $45 a season. So, what did I do? I bought the first five seasons! 😀

I don’t know how long the sale lasted, just that it ended on the 21st. I became aware of it on the 20th. Had the sale started a week earlier, and had I known about it, I would have bought the whole series. I could have afforded it anyways, but as much as I have always wanted that series more than anything else, I decided that there are more important things I NEEDed to spent my money on. 🙁 But, At least I got the first 5 seasons.

I had never seen the first season. So, I spent the last few days watching season 1 and 2. I love that show. It has always been my favorite show, And now I finally know how the SG-1 team and the SGC in general was started, and how/why Daniel was apart of it. I always wondered what happened in that pilot, or first episode. Now I know.

I have had a great Thanksgiving because I got to spend it watching Stargate SG-1 seasons 1 and 2 so far. 😀

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