I don’t have cable television which includes Showtime or the SciFi channel, so I cannot watch the Stargate shows.  As a supplement, I have subscribed to the GateWorld Podcast for my iPod.  It’s a really good show, fun to listen to and I can piece together episodes from it.  I’m not worried about spoilers, by the time Atlantis is cheap enough for me to justify buying the DVD’s for seasons 3-5, I will have forgotten any harmful spoilers.

As you know, Atlantis was cancelled this past season, and there are no new Stargate shows airing until this fall.  Which means, there’s no weekly episodes for the GateWorld postcasters to talk about and dissect.  As such, one of the comments on this weeks ‘cast was that Lost was now the best show on Television.

I had never seen Lost, so I took the comment as a recommendation, and surfed on over to ABC.com, where I found the entire series available to watch free on the internet.  I am up to episode 15 in the first season, and I have to say… well something.

It sucks, it’s boring, etc..  Those are fitting descriptors, but I’m going to continue to watch in the hope that some kind of substance eventually gets written into the storyline.  Like, maybe when they’re done introducing the castaways, the show will take a new direction and illustrate a purpose.  I haven’t seen any character development yet, or any viable story arcs…  I mean there’s nothing there.  There is nothing to this show.  It is substance-less.

If I wasn’t watching the episodes together, I’d have ‘lost’ interest half-way through the first episode.  Even with the five separate 30 second commercial breaks online, I find it hard to keep clicking that continue button.

I get the impression the entire season was filmed in a 1-2 week period of time.  It’s like watching a daily soap opera, only instead of a day to pause in the middle of a conversation, it’s a week.  Honestly, after that long can you really remember what was being talked about?

I can see, I will NOT be tuning in to the show on Television IF I ever get caught up to the current season.

I really hope it gets better.  J. J. Abrams is the guy we have entrusted the Star Trek reboot with.  Sure, Fringe is kick-ass good, but it was good from the first episode.  Lost just sucked from that one, and it’s still sucking all the way through episode 14.

I hope it gets better.

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