Lost vs Heroes

I watched Lost in accordance with the previous post up through episode 9 of season 3 before I finally stopped watching.  The show simply sucks.  There are too many inconsistencies with established facts of season 1, and I get the feeling the writers are separate and goal-less.

After my frustration with Lost, I decided to check out another series, this time one I wanted to be interested in, but never took the time to investigate.  Heroes.  I was hooked from the first episode.  The writing was 100 times better than that of lost, and flow was exceptional, the characters fun and entertaining, the premise was marvelous.

Right from the beginning, it was easy to tell that the writers had a definite vision and goal.  In fact, I have now watched every available episode of Heroes, and the entire series as a whole has been, for the most part, consistent.  Yes, it does have it’s holes like most shows of this time, but they are nothing compared to those of Lost.

But don’t get me wrong.  I will not be watching any more Heroes episodes.  I am not satisfied with the new direction the series has taken in season three.  So much so, that I will not continue to watch the show.  I am simply not interested in the season story arc, or the drastic changes that have ruined the beloved and established characters.

With season three, I get the impression that the writers didn’t like the abilities that were given to some of the characters in the beginning, and lacked the imagination to come up with challenging situations for the characters with them, so they simply wrote out the abilities.  And what happened to Molly?  If you (the writers) don’t like these things, don’t write them in the first place.  Season three is half-ass writing just like lost.  I can do without it.

Unless they reboot season three and return to the enjoyable plot and story styles of seasons 1 and 2, I will never watch another Heroes episode again.  And that seems unlikely, unless others who like the first 2 seasons stop watching too.  I’ll watch season 4 only if the season 3 finale erases any and all changes made in the season, so that season 4 starts off after an uneventful year right after season 2 as though season 3 never happened.

So, long story short, I haven’t found any new programs worth watching on network television.  And, in my opinion, Fringe is the best network television program on air today, though House is a close second.

Also, after this (the whole Lost and Heroes fiasco) and last weeks GateWorld podcast, I have decided not to listen to those two losers any more.

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