Local Celebrity Status

I think the people of the little drive-in here in Sick City think I’m a celebrity.  Apparently, the word is out here in town that I am a writer.  I’m not sure how, though.  I wish I had asked the woman who approached me about it this evening.  I would like to have known who she had heard the news from.

Anyway.  For those of you who still watch this blog with great anticipation, I should inform you that I am no longer working on any novels at this time.  I took another job a while ago, and as per my personal promise of several years, I will never work two jobs at once.  And, yes, I consider writing a job.  Like I told the drive-in woman tonight, I’m not Steven King, I do not write in my "spare" time.

I should also point out that if you have always wanted to write, just do it.  It’s a lot easier when you start.

That reminds me, I baby-sat some of my nieces and nephews recently, and one of my nephews showed up with a book he is writing.  It was totally awesome to read what he had.  Though I was unable to discern just where the story was going, I have to admit that his dialog was perfection.  I often wish that I could write dialog that good.  I guess he reads a lot, that’s where you learn how to write.

Unless you’re lucky enough to be born with the skill, like me.  😉

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