Tours to Servants

Today, there is a headline on my browsers personal start page that sparked an interest in commenting. The headline reads, “Michelle Obama, girls get rare London palace tour”. The palace, of course, is the official residence of the British monarch; the Buckingham Palace.

It is confusing for foreign governments such as Great Britain, and especially England particularly, to understand that American governments are “subject governments” and that it is the people as individuals who are the sovereign. Compared to a monarchy, America’s governments are exactly backwards.

Were America to have a class system and aristocracy like the British, American officials, and particularly the United States, which is America’s federal government responsible for all foreign matters involving America, would be the bottom of the barrel. Essentially, when foreign monarchs invite such officials and their families to tours of this magnitude, they are doing so to America’s official serfs.

Are the tours that Michelle Obama and daughters received at Buckingham Palace open to British serfs? LOL The joke is on Great Britain and their monarch, who treat our servants as royalty.

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