Logical Degrees of Difference

Starting today, I have decided to try switching my preferred temperature scale from the American standard Fahrenheit to the more logical Celsius.

It is something that I have considered doing for years-along with switching to the metric measuring system for all other measuring needs-but have never really attempted before.  I made the decision today in a spur-of-the-moment manner.  It is my intension to use the nature of a 0 equals ice-melt (anything below means freezing while any positive measurement is above freezing) scale during the remainder of this winter to help ease me into the Celsius method.

Currently, the temperatures have been teetering the freezing (and ice-melt) mark and I have always been more inclined to think in terms of below or above freezing during times such as this.  With the Fahrenheit scale, one cannot simply glance at a readout and make that determination based on whether or not the number is positive or negative.

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