Serving Success

I am such a happy camper. I have spent days trying to get my system set up so that I can log into my Linux server from my laptops. Using Xming in windows XP works awesome. My laptops are all dual-boot systems. So when I boot into Linux, I now have it set up so that my X window system can start up with a local login using the function seven key and a remote login using the function eight key. Technically this is referred to as virtual terminal seven, and virtual terminal eight.

The reason I wanted to do this is so that I can have a headless computer system running a Linux Debian server, but still be able to use that system as a regular desktop. I am now confident that the network system I install in my new camper trailer that I am building will function properly as I desire it. I can now remove that large bulky NEC multi-sync CRT monitor. That alone will allow me a more efficient use of electricity in my camper trailer.

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