House’s Coveted Teammate

So, I didn’t watch the Jeopardy man vs. machine episodes, but I did read this article by Associated Press writers Seth Borenstein and Jordan Robertson titled "Machines beat us at our own game: What can we do?"

At first I thought, "this would be great for a search engine", then the thought hit me, toward the middle of the article, that Watson, IBM’s computer should get a role on House, for an episode or two.  You know, House’s team comes in and there’s this weird computer setup at the table, they all give each other confused looks and shrugs, and the mystery of what it is, and where it came from ensures in true House fashion.

In the end, of course, House is disillusioned about his stolen computer. Man with all it’s emotions and beliefs correctly diagnose and treat the patient, thereby proving man the superior.

What do you think?

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