Night of Perfection

Friday nights can be seen as perfection. Well, at least this Friday night was.

Wow, I am not one to marvel over older women by most means, but the female star of RED, who out ages me at 12 years, is to absolutely to die for. How is it possible for someone so old to be so beautiful… well, whatever the answer, she pulls it off and I wish I could make babies with her.

I also rented seasons one and two of the American take on "The Office", a British tale of… well, office life. It’s been an American favorite for at least 5 years running, so I thought I would give it a shot. I started out a fan of "The Office" courtesy of the original British failure "The Office", which is currently running free on The British version is better, but Jenna Fischer, ¬†also an oldie, but a goodie, almost single handedly captivates any American, or human, male, in general, watching.

Who wouldn’t want a Sara Ross or Pam Beesly?

To me those fictional women epitomize the best of older women, and younger women for that matter.

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