The False King

United States president, Barack Obama, needs to be stopped. His abuse of the authority constituted to the office he holds is immoral, unjust, tyrannical, and downright un-american.

The powers of the President of the United Stated to veto proposed bills is meant solely to protect the liberty of Americans. Instead, Obama is using this authority to keep his socialist agenda and ensure a greater debt limit, which will mean more taxes, and possibly more socialist acts passing into law.

Now, there are ways around a presidents veto, of course, so if the United States Congress did want to pass any of the proposed debt solutions, it can. But my point is that Obama should not be threatening veto, just so save his pride. America’s federal government is facing default as direct result of a century of socialist programs, which clearly violate the citizen’s inalienable right to liberty-to be free from government interference.

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