Ain’t No Cure for the Rock and Roll

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So, here’s the story: I was busy drooling over various camera accessories for my previously mentioned recent acquired Canon Rebel T2, you know lenses, and filters, and whatever else that goes with an SLR. All the while, I was singing the same line from the Oak Ridge Boys’s American Made. You probably know the one I’m referring to.

"I got a Nikon camera, A Sony Color T.V."

So, I was in the mood for the song, but realized I did not have a single record or any kind of album for the Oak Ridge Boys. I have been a fan since I was a kid, thanks to my mom. I have even had them listed on my blogger profile among my favorites, since the first day I set up my Blogger account profile!

So, back to eBay (what did we ever do without that website!?) for the American Made album, record version preferred of course, and there I found it, and another that came with the record album Deliver. Then, I notice the same seller had three other auctions too, each one for two record albums! They were listed as buy it now and auction, so I placed a maximum bid at the buy it now price and watched. Over the days that followed, I remained not only the sole bidder, but the only person to even visit the auction pages, according to the counter at the bottom of the page.

Well, as irony would prevail, I still do not have a playable American Made album, as, out of the 8 records I received American Made was the only one that was in less than excellent condition with several skips. But, I don’t mind, eBay is still there and I already have the replacement saved in my "Music" list. Besides, the 1983 release of the record album "Deliver", which American Made came with, as I wrote earlier, was still factory sealed, in brand new condition!!! Sweet, my record player from the same year (I think) came the same way last year, when I bought that.  😀


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