Goodbye E=MC2

We now have documented observations of faster than light travel. That’s right, not only did the neutrinos particles achieve light speed, it surpassed it by at least 50 nanoseconds (time adjusted for margin of error). No black holes, no deterioration of the particle into pure energy, no blah, blah, blah, whatever you thought would happen when mass approached the speed of light, it didn’t happen.

And, the European Organization for Nuclear Research’s (CERN’s) observation is not even the first! Scientists at Fermilab in Chicago observed the same thing back in 2007, but were so embarrassed at the implications, that they claimed their margin of error to great! CERN claims a margin of error at just 10 nanoseconds!

Well, I for one will be very happy to say goodbye to Einstein’s relativity theories. Too much today’s world, both in the realms of science, and the general public, embrace those theories as fact.

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