Brooke Lampley

I just found the most beautiful woman in the entire world, in my humble opinion. I hope she doesn’t mind if I write so, and post this image of her.


Brooke Lampley, the most beautiful woman in the world! IMHO


Clicking on the image should take you to the Associated Press’s video article Art Houses Ready for Spring Sales, which features Ms. Lampley (or should I write Mrs. Papagianis?) in the second half. The video is dated April 27, 2012.

Trayvon Martin

Or, Shadow of Pain.

The case of Trayvon Martin casts over me a disgust for the country I love. He is their son, my son, and our son.

America’s son

Under the claim of ‘self defense’, The Coward George Zimmerman left his vehicle and committed murder.

That’s right, I do not support such jackass claims that the murderer George Zimmerman was somehow defending his life. That’s just bullshit, given the known facts.

Pease, let’s just examine the facts as we know them; Fact, the Murderer George Zimmerman stalked Trayvon Martin as he walked home from a convenience store and talked with his girlfriend; Fact, Trayvon Martin told his girlfriend he was being stalked, and discussed running; Fact, police dispatcher had told the The Murderer George Zimmerman to stay in his vehicle and let the police handle things from then on; Fact, The Murderer George Zimmerman left the safety of his vehicle to stalk Trayvon on foot; Fact, Trayvon Martin tried to run away from, but was caught and trapped by, The Murderer George Zimmerman.

Here’s what happened: The Murderer George Zimmerman made the conscience decision to kill Trayvon Martin for reasons unbeknownst to us, but he had to make it seem legitimate, so he calls 911 and reports his neighbor as a suspicious character, and then exits his vehicle to do the deed.

Self defense isn’t about chasing an unarmed kid down to shoot him, it’s about standing your ground and defending your life and or property. Self defense is what I would have tried if a murderer like The Murderer George Zimmerman had chased me down and cornered me like he did Trayvon Martin. It is quite obvious that if Travon Martin had attacked The Murderer George Zimmerman, it was out of REAL self defense.

For a number of reasons, many Earthlings including Americans are calling for the arrest of The Murderer George Zimmerman. Even I would like to see The Murderer George Zimmerman behind bars, it’s just that under Due Process, arrest is not the first action in America, but the last act of justice.

The Murderer George Zimmerman is guilty of premeditated murder, he knows it, and we know it. But this is America, and America is the only county on Earth where defendants in matters of justice are considered innocent until proven guilty. That is why he has not been arrested yet. Or, at least that is why he should not be arrested just yet.

Forget about your coveted "Law & Order", "CSI", "NCIS", and equivolent television shows. Nome of them portray the American justice or legal system. Those shows play to international audiences and do not, repeat DO NOT represent our legal or justice systems.

It’s painful enough when American’s refuse to acknowledge how these things work, but people who have NO BUSINESS whatsoever commenting on American affairs, like Piers Morgan, starts chiming in and calling the arrest as the first step, that just pisses me off. The asshole is British. BRITISH, what the fuck could he possibly know? You want arrest to be the first step? Then get the hell out of this country! Go back to Great Briton or even better, China! You anti-American prick! And start minding your own business.