Morse Code Through Song

Had this wild idea to learn international morse cose about two months ago and found ‘The Ham Whisperer. At first, I thought I liked it. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it past the third lesson.

I had to give up on the him for learning. I just cannot tell the dit from the dahs and associate them with letters. But one thing he said at the beginning has stuck with me. He claims that memorizing morse code is like memorizing a song. I thought, ‘well if that’s true, why aren’t you teaching like a song?’
Then yesterday, someone posted an old military training course for morse code that emphasized the rhythm of international morse code:

If that video were long enough to cover the whole code, I could easily learn morse code. It’s very entertain and well produced. After that, someone posted a link to Phil Kawa’s music video:

Now, I’m pretty sure I’ll be learning the cod, once I pass these exams this coming Saturday.

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