Revelation From God

Just three weeks ago, the man, who was called of God to be the bishop of the ward I attend, stood up before the congregation and declared that another man, holding the position of stake president, was receiving revelation for the church and the ward, and pledged his sustaining support.

This is a serious transgression. My local church leaders are deceived and leading members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints astray.

We believe there are only two forms of revelation, prophetic revelation and personal revelation. Heavenly Father speaks to us through a living prophet, or directly to us individually. In fact, the Doctrine and Covenants, a compilation of modern scripture revealed to us through living prophets, of the Church of Jesus Christ, teaches, particularly in section 28, that only prophets, presidents of the Church, have authority to receive revelation for the church.

All members of the Church can receive personal revelation, but that revelation is personal and private to the individual to whom God has given it. While bishops and stake presidents, as members of the Church, are able to receive personal revelation, the way they manage the affairs of their respective callings, or positions in the Church, are limited to inspiration and faith in accordance with the gospel and doctrine of Jesus Christ.

The timing of the release of this video is, to say the least, impeccable. I would say miraculous.

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