Why Do My Local LDS Leaders Refuse To Declare The Gospel Of Jesus Christ?!!!

Are my local Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints “leaders’ possessed by demons?

This is a copy of the intent to sue that I sent my local bishop. Not only did he refuse to assert ANY of these statement, he actually declared the Malad Stake president local prophet, and pledged his sustaining support!!!

“Greetings Brother Carter. This is Brother Campbell.

“This is my notice of intent to sue you through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint’s processes. You may all ready be aware that I will be suing Brothers Jensen, Ward, and Sperry of the Malad Stake presidency.

“You and your bishopric will not be excluded from those proceeding unless I see specific public repentance from you this Sunday, March 7, 2021.

“You will need to declare, from the pulpit, ward-wide email, and signed bulletin board affidavit that will stay posted in the meeting house lobby for the remainder of your tenure as bishop, that:

“(1) You renounce any and all authority to deny entry and/or participation to any child of God into sacrament meetings, Sunday school classes, and other ward meetings and meetinghouse gatherings;

“(2) All children of God are welcome to attend Holbrook Ward meetings and gatherings effective immediately;

“(3) Masks are not required at any Holbrook Ward meeting, gathering, or other activity, both inside the meeting house as well as outside;

“(4) You apologize for your fear mongering toward the Holbrook Ward by allowing masks (the mark of the beast) to be required in the house of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and insinuating that such masks have the power/ability to keep the members safe from sickness and/or death;

“(5) You apologize for your refusal to teach and preach faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who has the power and authority to protect us from any and all infirmities if we just have the faith to allow him to do so, since this global pandemic started;

“(6) It is not disrespectful to ward members and other meeting attendees, in any way, for unmasked members and other children of God to attend the same meetings, gatherings, et cetera;

“(7) The Holbrook ward is a sanctuary for the whole community to come and learn of Jesus Christ and His healing attributes, both physically, mentally, and spiritually;

“(8) The Holbrook Ward priesthood should stand ready and willing to receive the sick, the afflicted, the infirm, the fearful, et cetera, to lay hands upon them and administer the miracle of healing, so that no member of our community, near and far, should fear their mortal afflictions or the eternal well-being of their souls;

“(9) You will never allow the doctrine of the adversary to infiltrate the Holbrook Ward causing fear and division, as it did this past year, ever again;

“(10) You apologize for the division and contention that you sewed into the fabric of the Holbrook Ward.

“You know, all the things you should have been declaring since the most recent coronavirus scamdemic began over a year ago.

“I know you have the potential to be a good man again. I have a testimony of receiving the same promptings, during blessings, ver batum, as the words you spoke. I know you are capable of receiving personal revelation. You have been lead astray, and I know you know it.

Come back to the fold.

“The remedy I will seek is excommunication. There’s no hope for Brothers Jensen and Ward of the Malad Stake presidency, but I do have hope that you, and the rest, will do the right thing, finally, and work to bring unity to the Holbrook Ward, through your repentance (changing your course toward Jesus Christ), that the Holbrook Ward may shine as a light and a beacon to the other wards in the stake, and the world.

“The crimes the Holbrook bishopric and the Malad Stake presidency have committed against me and other members of the Holbrook Ward particularly, are beyond ample to warrant the excommunication I seek, but correcting your eternal course back to Christ and His doctrine this Sunday, I’m sure, will go a long way to exonerate you in the inevitable investigations that will ensue.

“You didn’t “release” me from my callings, so that is commendable. At least it seems that you still recognize that callings come from God, and are not executive decisions that can be denied or released by men holding leadership positions. Lesser men, would have fallen to Satan’s temptation of “releasing” those of us who were clearly complying with the stake presidency, as wrong and unjust as we all know it to be. At least you didn’t stoop that low. Thank you for that hope.

“Please restore faith and unity to the Holbrook Ward. Please restore my (our) trust in you and the office of bishop.

“Please choose the right.

“I hope this letter of intent may be recorded as a similitude of Captain Moroni’s letter to Pahoran, censuring, but faith affirming and alliance building. If not, I worry Holbrook loose more than a wayward bishop.

“You are not currently listed as defendant in my case(s) against the stake presidency, but if you refuse to declare the statements and take the actions requested in this letter of intent by the end of Sunday’s YouTube stream, I will proceed with my charges against you, and the rest of your bishopric.

“I recommend beginning your fast, if you haven’t all ready.

“Also, if you are not going to make these changes, I recommend seeking the church equivalent to legal counsel, and directing your correspondence to me through them.

Brother Campbell”

This was not the first request I made for him to preach the gospel of Jesus to the ward, I have admonished him to do so several times since November 18, 2020, when the stake presidency officially announced that non-mask wearers were ‘disrespectful’ and no longer welcome in sacrament meetings, and other church activities, in both email and telephone conversations.

Well, what’s done is done. It’s up to the real prophet now. I only hope that when the First Presidency acts, it will be more favorable to the teachings of the Church and Jesus Christ.

For all you members of the Holbrook Ward, and Malad Stake, who have been sitting on your own letters of concern, and charges, send them. I know the struggle. I sat on mine for 3 months, but then I was reminded of the story of the little girl whose brother had set a trap to catch a bird. Her father heard her earnest prayer for God to save the birds. Later that night the father approached her to explain that sometimes God doesn’t answer prayers the way we expect him to, etc. The girl expressed her confidence that her bother would not catch a bird. When the father questioned her faith on the matter, she informed him that after her prayer, she had gone out and smashed the trap herself.

I for one will be doing all that I can to smash this false, anti-Christ, doctrine of fear and the false God of health and safety the local bishop and stake president have unleashed in the local Church of Jesus Christ.

I’ll keep you informed as each stage of the coming process unfolds. If you wish to help, get your letters to the First Presidency.

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