Argument In Support of Anti-Abortion Laws & Prosecution

Not sure government should be able to force a woman to carry an unwanted child?

Well, I argue that government is an institution of God, for the protection of, among other things, human life; and that our Creator included an instruction in our DNA to excrete a hormone that effectively forces a woman to carry a child ‘to term’, therefore government has an obligation to enact and enforce anti-abortion laws and procedures that do mandate a woman carry the baby until it can be safely developed outside the womb, and that the baby then be kept alive.

A baby in the womb is not simply a passive object being built by the mother’s body. From the moment of conception, the pregnant woman’s body is, in great measure, under the control of the baby by design.

Most foreign objects in the human body are destroyed and/or ejected by our natural immune system. A pregnant woman’s body notices and should destroy or eject a new baby within only a couple of the baby’s first cell divisions. The reason it does not is because our DNA includes the instruction for those first cells to excrete substances that suppress the woman’s immune response.

Specifically: “A hormone produced by the earliest cells after fertilization travels in mom’s bloodstream back to her ovary. Ovarian cells detect that hormone and respond by producing progesterone—the very important hormone that will calm the uterine contractions for nine months and maintain the pregnancy. Later, the placenta will produce progesterone at even higher concentrations.” -Randy J. Guliuzza, P.E., M.D. “All-Or-Nothing Unity In The Human Body” from the book “Creation Basics & Beyond An In-Depth Look at Science, Origins, and Evolution” (2013) p. 108.

A right is a just claim, or privilege, endowed by God. From the moment of conception, we have the right to live, and it is the will of God that we do. If government were an institution of mankind, for instance to replace God, it would have no rights at all, only the privileges granted to it by its constituents, or its people. But government is an institution of God, so it does have some just claims, or privileges, endowed by God. Namely the right to enact and enforce laws that: 1) protects mortal, human life; and 2) redress for our grievances according to the will of God.

Because of Judeo-Christian teachings, which is the basis of most, if not all, modern civilization, we know the will of God is for us to “multiply”, that is, to have babies; to procreate. In fact, it is a commandment of God and we are forbidden to murder; to kill another human (see Genesis 1:28 & Exodus 20:13). Whether or not a woman wants to be a mother, or to have the responsibility of carrying a baby to term, it is the will of God that she does. Regardless of the circumstances of the conception, or fertilization, God wills it.

So what rights, if any, does the pregnant woman have? Well she does have the right to abort the baby, or to hire someone to perform an abortion, in the same way we all have a right to murder, or to hire someone to kill for us. That is to say, she has the right to choose to follow the will of God or to kill the baby. To end the life of a developing baby is just as against the will of God as any other murder is, and it should be against the law just as any other killing is, and it should be prosecuted just as any other killing is.

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