Employment Facts

How to handle your employer:

If you are a Sovereign American Citizen, you are not subject to the United States income tax. Here are the steps you should take when accepting a new job:

1. Give your employer your name and address on a Statement of Citizenship;

2. Refuse to fill out the Form W-4 Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate, which allows an employer to deduct and withhold money from your pay.

Without a signed “Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate”, it is illegal for employers to deduct and withhold any amount of tax from your earnings. Furthermore, courts have ruled that some documents carry implied contracts and that by signing them you voluntarily give up some of your rights and are bound to the “implied contract” contained in the document.

3. Refuse to supply a social security number (which is voluntary);

4. Tell them to report your earnings on a Form 1099 instead of on a Form W-2.

Don’t claim to be a nonresident alien if you’re an American Citizen, that’s wrong, nonresident aliens are subject and liable.

It is a felony for employers to refuse to hire someone who does not provide a social security number. [42 USC ยง 408(a)(8)]

The EEOC has already proven it to be an act of religious discrimination for employers to fire, or refuse to hire, an individual for not providing a social security number. [EEOC v. Information Systems Consulting]

It was also the decision of the EEOC in that case that “…the Internal Revenue Code and the Regulations promulgated pursuant to the code do not contain an absolute requirement that an employer provide an employee social security number…”.