My Hobbies

I am an amateur radio operator, call sign AF7OH. I received my call sign from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on 2015-02-17. I am an “extra class” operator, which is the highest level of radio “license” issued by the FCC. My projects page for my amateur radio hobby is

I love movies and anything to do with them. I even started a nonprofit amateur movie company called American Campbell back in the late nineties. I had intended to make several no-to-low budget movies for family entertainment, but never had the time or finances required.

I enjoy model trains, the HO scale, and would love to get into remote controlled airplanes and model rockets. I have always had a fascination with rockets, and quadrocopters but I never have actually had the opportunity to enjoy them. Now that I am an amateur radio operator, I am even more excited about remote control craft since hams can use up to 1 watt of power for increased range.

I love camping, fishing, hiking, backpacking, and hunting. In general, I spend a lot of time outside during the summer. During the winter I dabble in cross country skiing and various other outdoor activities but spend most of the time inside.

I raise a vegetable garden,  and keep chickens for fresh eggs and bees to help pollination. The beekeeping is new as of spring 2016. That first hive is not expected to survive the winter, since they did not collect enough stores to feed them, and I’m not going to feed them. I plan to buy at least two more nucs in the spring on 2017, and make a better go at keeping them.