Welcome to my website. My name is Mr. Campbell. I am a single 40 year old writer/novelist, and this is my definitive. 😉

Several years ago, I acquired a nickname I am quite fond of. Because of my striking good looks, which at the time resembled a famous fictitious character, my co-workers started calling me Waldo. You know, as in the Great Waldo Pepper, played by Robert Redford in the movie? 😉 I chuckle, though. The actual character I resembled is the famous children’s picture book traveler. Back then, I wore round glasses and kept my hair upside down (I used to shave my face not my scalp :-D) and often had a hat on. That, together with my charming smile and the mustache I’ve had since junior high, made me a delight with kids and parents everywhere. Hence the name of my website.

I consider myself a writer, and I’m just finishing up my seventh novel. Wish me luck getting them published. I’m not sure when I started writing, I do, however, recall attending an authors and artist young writers convention in 1985 (where I was first published), and again in ’86. For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed writing stories of all sorts. I wrote more during junior high, though, than any previous time-I think. At any rate, I have always had a wonderful imagination and adore expressing myself through writing.

I have an extensive online presence, from personal blog to my amateur radio hobby page, to my social media presence. To stay up-to-date with the chronicles of my adventurous life, just

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I am also a Supreme Law advocate. Though I am not fond of politics or statutes, I have been a dedicated student for the past 18 years. My legal expertise lies within the Internal Revenue Code, however, my specialty is constitutional law. The importance of our constitutions are immeasurable. They are literal restrictions for the government to adhere to, to insure our liberty and free agency, which is our right endowed by our creator.

Anyway, take a gander at my site. Don’t be intimidated, I’m a friendly guy and this is a friendly site.