Letter to the Editor 1

To the Editor,

I am disappointed by civil/government officials/agents abusing the privileges they have been entrusted with. Such activities are direct violations of the Supreme Law, which is constitutional.

The county library has rules prohibiting children in the computer room, and children unattended by an adult elsewhere. Librarians have never been authorized with making these rules, yet they are quick to deprive parents of their unalienable right to manage themselves and their children.

City policemen harass citizens at a local gazebo because a misinformed janitor posted ‘no loitering’ signs on public land. Police derive their power through delegation from the Mayor and have no more authority than other private security agencies.

Public entities are empowered by the people through representatives and agents and charged with certain limited responsibilities. i.e., the librarian is charged with managing books, the Mayor is charged with managing city property, etc.

James Madison wrote, “government is not to be charged with the whole power of making and administering laws. Its jurisdiction is limited to certain enumerated objects, which concern all the members of the republic, but which are not to be attained by the separate provisions of any.” [Federalist #14]

Clerks, cashiers, and business owners also abuse their roles by refusing services/products because of misinterpreted statutes. No law will ever subjugate the American Citizen regardless of how society dislikes a different lifestyle.

The problem is ignorance; the solution is information. The truth is in the law, read it. Help restore America’s liberties, stop the abuse.

Mr. Campbell


Abuse of Authority

As I engage in my daily activities, I am constantly bombarded by civil/government officials/agents abusing the privileges they have been entrusted with. Such activities are abominations and treasonous, i.e. a librarian who assumes authority over the people who use the library.

Who does the librarian derive such authority from?

Through the process of delegation, the American Citizen empowers all public entities and charges them with certain limited responsibilities. For instance, the librarian is charged with managing books and other library property. Likewise, the Forrest Service is charged with managing the trees, the President manages the military, etc.

For example, the Washington County Library has a rule that children are not allowed in the computer room. They also have a rule that children are not allowed within the library unattended by an adult. The Library has never been empowered with making these rules, nor have they been authorized to enforce such unlawful rules. Yet the rules are posted and librarians are quick to judge and jury the parents, depriving them of their unalienable right to manage themselves and their children.

Rarely a day goes by that I do not witness this abusive assumed authority at the Library. Yet, their limit of powers restrict them to dealing with library property. That means that they can buy, sale or trade books (or any other library property); replace or repair damaged books (etc.); establish reasonable rules governing the property; and to inform patrons of complaints.

So why are these people assuming responsibilities not granted to them by the sovereignty?

Am I a Killer?

I have been reading the Alex Cross mysteries, and I’ve noticed that I seem to fit the typical bad guy profile. Observe below:

Violets Are Blue p135 – James Patterson

Narcissistic personality disorder

A grandiose sense of self-importance

Expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements

Preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, or ideal love

Interpersonally exploitive

Lacks empathy

This is a personality disorder. There is no psychosis involved. I am an organized, even obsessive, thinker. I am rarely impulsive.

Yes, this describes me to a tee. At least according to my IQ test results I am not intelligent enough to survive as a criminal.

My Test Results:

I just took a load of tests from http://web.tickle.com Here the the initial results:

The Classic IQ Test

Congratulations, Wesley!Your IQ score is 126

This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others. Your Intellectual Type is Word Warrior. This means you have exceptional verbal skills. You can easily make sense of complex issues and take an unusually creative approach to solving problems. Your strengths also make you a visionary. Even without trying you’re able to come up with lots of new and creative ideas. And that’s just a small part of what we know about you from your test results.

Right Job, Wrong Job

Wesley, the Right Job for you will allow you to be:

Disciplined and Creative

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The Ultimate Personality Test

Wesley, you’re a Movie Star!

You’re a bright ray of sunshine and secretly wonders why you’re not famous yet. Chances are you don’t get annoyed with people very easily, and you can handle stressful situations with grace. As if all that weren’t enough, you’re friendly, charming, and great with people.You like making your work environment cozy and hospitable and you spend a lot of time on your appearance. You never shy away from asserting your ideas and opinions, and encourage others to do the same.

Tickle’s Original Inkblot Test

Wesley, your subconscious mind is driven most by Peace

You are driven by a higher purpose than most people. You have a deeply-rooted desire to facilitate peacefulness in the world. Whether through subtle interactions with love ones, or through getting involved in social causes, it is important to you to influence the world.You are driven by a desire to encourage others to think about the positive side of things instead of focusing on the negative. The reason your unconscious is consumed by this might stem from an innate fear of war and turmoil. Thus, to avoid that uncomfortable place for you, your unconscious seeks out the peace in your environment. Usually, the thing that underlies this unconscious drive is a deep respect for humankind. You care about the future of the world, even beyond your own involvement in it. As a result, your personal integrity acts as a surrogate for your deeper drive toward peace and guides you in daily life towards decisions that are respectful toward yourself and others.

Letter to Utah’s Washington County Sheriff


Dear Sheriff,

I’m writing this e-mail because on Thursday July 22, 2004, I was harassed by two St. George City Police Officers at the gazebo located at Tabernacle and 100 West, in St. George. This was a direct infringement of my rights as an American Citizen.

On the 22nd, I was eating lunch at the gazebo when the two Police Officers approached and demanded to see my ID. I was informed that they had the right to request my ID because of a ‘No Loitering’ sign nearby. I was fairly certain I was not on city property, but I was not sure so I complied.

However, once the officers let me leave I went down to the County Recorder’s Office and obtained a copy of the deed, which states that the land and gazebo is actually owned by the Washington County School District, which is a subdivision of Utah. Since the property was not owned by the City, the City Police do not even have geographical jurisdiction.

I then researched the statutes concerning school districts and state subdivisions. I discovered that Utah Code limits the Washington County School District to “have direction and control of all school property in the district”- 53A-2-108. When taken in context, Black’s Law Dictionary defines “control” as “to have a controlling interest in”, and “direction” as “a board of directors”.

Furthermore, Article 20, Section 1 of the Utah Constitution states: “All lands of the State … are hereby accepted, and, except as provided in Section 2 of this Article, are declared to be the public lands of the State; and shall be held in trust for the people…”. As an American Citizen and part of the Utah Public, I own a part of all public lands, including the land deeded to the Utah subdivision “Washington County School District” located at Tabernacle and 100 West in St. George.

The statutes do not allow the School District to govern the public or public land.

Upon further research, I located the only statute in Utah Code concerning loitering. Utah Code §76-10-1302 – Prostitution, states that a “person is guilty of prostitution when [he] loiters in or within view of any public place for the purpose of being hired to engage in sexual activity.”

Loitering is defined as: 1. To stand idly about; linger aimlessly. 2. To proceed slowly or with many stops: loitered all the way home. 3. To delay or dawdle: loiter over a task. Black’s Law Dictionary even goes as far as stating: “Loitering statutes are generally held to be unconstitutionally vague.”

I have been using that gazebo for my lunch breaks now for several months. I also like the spot to read and socialize. In the entire time that I have been using the gazebo, sometimes relaxing all day, I have never seen anyone “loiter” there by any definition.

As the Sheriff, an elected official, you have a direct obligation toward the people living within this county. When you became the Sheriff, you took on the special responsibility of preserving and protecting the rights, liberties, and freedoms of the American Citizens within Washington County against unlawful acts, including any unlawful act committed by public officials working in the government.

I now request you as County Sheriff to inform 1) the St. George City Police Department that they do not have legal jurisdiction on public land including, but not limited to, the land and gazebo located at Tabernacle and 100 West, and 2) the Washington County School District that they do not legally have authority to govern the public (the people) or public lands, that includes posting ‘No Loitering’ signs.

I will continue to use the gazebo just as I have been for the past several months. I am violating nobody’s rights and therefore committing no crime by eating lunch, reading, and socializing. I expect you to defend my right to do so, which is your job, so that I do not have to.

Thank you very much for your time, understanding, and effort.


Wesley Campbell

American Citizen, Washington County Resident


The Response From the Sheriff on 08-05-04:

Mr. Campbell,

After I recieved your e-mail I cantacted the Washington County Attorney’s Office. According to them the gazebo in on school district property and the school district has the right to post No Loitering signs. They also have the right to tell someone to get off of school district property if they want.

Since the property is within the city limits of St. George City they do in fact have jurisdiction at that location.

I would suggest that in the future if you have a complaint against a city officer you contact Chief of Police Marlon Stratton.

Sheriff Smith