Sick Idaho for the Holidays

Today I’ll leave for Sick City Idaho. I really hate that town, but I need a change for a while. I like St. George only slightly more than Sick, both places are piled high in hypocrisy and iniquity. At least the adulterers in Sick prefer the opposite gender. Here in St. George it’s a faggot free for all. It has become cliché. Its part of the hypocrisy, sodomy is one of the prevailing sins in southern Utah. For that reason, I’ll be glad to go to Sick, at least then it will be the girls who lust over me. Something I’ve missed since moving to St. George Utah.

Skinny Cutie

Well, I haven’t seen my skinny little cutie for a while. At first I thought she left for the holidays, but then I realized the holidays really hadn’t started yet. I really miss seeing her around the library. Oh well, there are other cuties here.

Holiday Plans

Well, here it is six days before Thanksgiving and I’m just now trying to arrange transportation to my grandma’s house for the holiday. What an idiot. Had I put any thought into this plan, I would have started a month ago. I have to get from St. George, Utah to Sick, Idaho, that’s the entire length of Utah. I may have to hitchhike. That will be a new experience.

New Laptop

Well, I finally have a laptop computer. I bought an old IBM ThinkPad 390 off Yahoo Actions from Zoodude35 on November 1st. It’s just what I need and then some. I can now write anytime I have time. Thanks a lot Zoodude35!