The Movie Critique 001

I’ve been thinking about critiquing the movies I see for a while. I’m not sure why I haven’t started yet, but now is as good a time as any I guess.

My sister got here family the DVD of The Incredibles of Easter so I got a chance to see it. Normally I avoid watching Disney movies, most of their material is inappropriate for general audiences, however, Pixar uses Disney for financing and distribution, and they make great motion pictures. I can’t wait until they can fully cut that ugly Disney umbilical.

The Incredibles was o.k. I did expect better images from Pixar. I was disappointed by the false advertising-probable the fault of Disney, they are known for that-the trailer for the movie advertised retired superheroes coming out of retirement and the comical events that may ensue. I also disliked what I call the Kubrick shots. There were plenty of long unnecessary shots that I felt just didn’t belong in the movie. The Pixar comedy that we have come to love was lacking also-their early movies were so much better.

Overall it had some great original gags and comic events, it was fun and had a wonderful plot and storyline and awesome character development. Compared to other movies in general, it was excellent, compared to other Pixars, it wasn’t so good.