Webpage Update

I’ve started resurrecting some of the original Waldo’s Web pages from when I first launched Waldo’s Web back in ’01.

The new pages are:

My issues page at page32.html or page32.html.

My flags page at page33.html or page33.html.

Look for more to appear in the near future. As a note, if you wanna see the old site, it is still posted for a limited time at the same place it’s always been, www.geocities.com/waldowoc/WaldosWeb. That’s what my site looked like when it was still in infancy.

I have also improved the work in progress moral beliefs page at page31.html or page31.html.

Other changes to note, I joined LDS Banner Exchange and placed the banners at the top of the pages for all pages other than index.html. I took the Free-Banner Exchange banner and moved it the bottom of the page where the hidden text used to be. Also at the bottom of the page is where I place the Freedom & Liberty webring banner.

Well, that’s it for today. I won’t have anything to do tomorrow or Monday because of Memorial Day, so I’ll most likely spend the time resurrecting more of the old dead Waldo’s Web pages.