The Private Dog Run

I dislike dogs. I have always liked cats better. I thinks cats are the coolest animal ever. Cats are better for a number of reasons, however, a few of the better points are that they can be potty trained, they attack people, and don’t require a lot of space.

Dogs, need space. Plain and simple, they need to run and play. They’re big animals and therefore require far more space than the cat. If you don’t have the necessary space, you should not have a dog. Gods are good on farms, and areas with large fenced lawns, but have no place in cities.

Everyday I see people who haven’t got the means to take care of their dogs. Instead, they bring retched animals to the city park and turn them loose. What does every dog do while at a public park? They run up to other people either playfully or not and the owners always sit back and yell at their dog as though it knows any better. This is followed by a weak apology.

But what are these owners sorry for? I doubt any of them understand. Are they sorry to their dogs, for binging them to the park with all these people to play with or attack and then yelling at them? Or are they sorry for the disturbance to the people who have to the park to enjoy the peace pleasures? Are they sorry that all these people are playing in their dogs personal shit yard?

It is obvious they are not sorry for the reasons they should be. They are not sorry they cannot take proper care of the animal. They are not sorry for all the children and others who play and role in the grass the dogs have just defecated in. They are not sorry for bringing there poor animals to a public park.

They are certainly not sorry for all of us who have to use their private dog run as our public park. In my opinion, I think animal control should round up all you idiots who bring your dogs to public parks and put you to sleep. Or better yet, let me do it.

Alas, that would be anarchy, justice yes, but anarchy none the less. So I tolerate you ignorants and the way you treat your dogs and your disrespect for our rights and the liberty you exercise, lest I be a hypocrite. I cannot force you, after all, to use common courtesy, or to exercise thought.

Too Close For Comfort

A recent lightning storm started a handful of fires near St. George, Utah yesterday morning. I was woken by the thunder and rain and thought the lightning was a little too close or comfort, but went back to sleep anyway. I didn’t find out about the fire until later in the day while visiting with a friend of mine.

By evening yesterday, there was a lot of ash in the air and the almost blotted out by the smoke. To the north, we could see large billows of smoke and I became somewhat concerned for my camp.

My concern increased when I went home last night. One of the fires was right on the opposite side of the road. Spectators were lining up alone side the road. I pressed on pass the closest fire, which ended up a little to the south of my camp and I didn’t perceive as much of a threat. In the dark, however, other fires alone highway 18 seemed too close for comfort. I decided to pack up camp and head for town.

By the time I was done packing, which didn’t take long, the highway was blocked off and city police and county sheriffs deputies were redirecting traffic through Snow Canyon. I was not about to carry all my things that far and no one would give me a ride, so I went back to my campsite and unpacked. I resetup camp and consigned myself to die. But, I knew I wouldn’t. By that time the fires had died down and didn’t seem so threatening. So I went to bed.

This morning, I was pleased to see the ridge line I had been watching most worried about the previous night was not as close as it looked when the fire was burning behind it. Had I realized how far away that ridge was, I never would have been concerned and could have saved an additional two hours of sleep.

To tell the truth, I was still somewhat concerned about the smoke. But, I do have a constant wind that blows down from the north so it wasn’t bad enough to worry about either.

Well, you never can tell about these kind of things. I always hear stories about people fighting fires who think the fire is “under control” then the wind changes and oops! I’ll tell you though, like an atheists constant denial of God and sudden conversion in times of crisis, I found myself wishing for those strong, incessant winds that I hate so much and were conveniently, and uncharacteristically absent. The wind, despite how much I hate it and cannot find a purpose for it, would have come in handy last night for my assurance that my camp was safe. It always blows from the northwest to the southeast and had it been blowing last night, I’d have known the chances were slimmer that the fire would spread west toward me.

Well, the point is I’m alive and well and thank God for that. I hope others faired as well.

The Cutest Ad

Last week I picked up the library copy of Seventeen July 2005 issue. Toward the beginning is an ad that I just had to fall in love with. I think it’s one of the best original ads I’ve ever seen. The ad is for the United States Air Force and can be found on page 19.

At the top of the page it reads: “Girls often dream about the day they’ll change their name.” Then there’s a picture of a well doodled school notebook page with her name preceded by 15 different ranks of the USAF, one rank and name per line. The list starts with Airman Basic Sarah Lassiter at the top and progresses all the way to General Sarah Lassiter at the bottom. All surrounded by pretty little flowers, harts and 3d boxes.

The bottom caption reads: “As a woman in the United States Air Force, you’ll change what people call you every time you grow through the ranks. There are over 150 career fields in the USAF, providing limitless possibilities to lead. When you enlist, you will automatically be enrolled in the Community College of the Air Force so you’ll start your career receiving the higher education and leadership skills to move you up in the rank further and faster.”

Though it will always be better for a girl to change her name the old-fashion way (through marriage) you have to admit, this is a cute, well thought out ad.

Family Home Evening

Yesterday was Monday, which means family home evening for those with a family. The local college wards of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sometime schedule activities under the same name for that night. Often, it is some type of sporting event here at the Worthen park. They haven’t done so for a while, and I was beginning to wonder whether they were still there, it is summer break after all.

Well, they showed up yesterday. As a matter of fact, it looked like several different wards all showed up at the same time. They were obviously different groups, and they were even doing different activities. One group looked like they were going to some kind of picnic or dinner, one was playing touch runningball [American football], one was playing football [soccer], and yet another was playing volleyball.

I have mixed feelings concerning these events. First, family home evening should be spent with the family, not a bunch of adults who have chosen academics instead of raising a family (a travesty according to the current, living prophet). Second, it should be a time to teach and learn the gospel. What gospel precepts can be gleaned from any competitive sporting event? Third, the concept of a singles ward negates the principle of family. They are nothing but a bunch of idiots who seek comfort from others like them who have refused to start a family of their own.

A fourth reason, and the reason I shall expand upon in this article, is that I’ve never seen these sporting events as conducts becoming a LDS. Nor do I consider it an appropriate example of the Church. The Church teaches love, mercy, justice, compassion, and doing good to name a few. Competition, however, often leads to strife, discontent, anger, hatred, and so on.

I know I’m setting myself up for disappointment when I see these groups on a Monday night, or similar LDS group activities throughout the week, but with them comes hope of acceptance and friendship. When I see them meet nearby, I expect them as LDS to invite me over or befriend me, that has never happened. I know they are aware of me, when I look at them many are already staring at me.

I went home even more disappointed last night than usual. The ward that was setting up for a meal of some kind was doing so at the tables around me. Being a hungry homeless man I saw the preparation and hoped they would offer to share with me. I also thought that since they were sitting around me they would talk to me. Well, I guess that makes me the biggest idiot.

Instead, what I got was rude invitation to leave. Here I am sitting at the table facing the park, my laptop beside me in my backpack, and some fat chick starts launching water balloons. This park is large. There is plenty of room for a water balloon fight out in the grass. But this fatso, as though she didn’t attract enough attention, has to stir up those preparing the food with no concern for the people not a part of their group. Did I get an apology? Not so much as an “oops, I should have thought that out better”. The spirit was withdrawn from them so much that they didn’t have care in the world for others.

Now, I believe in sharing everything. This whole world belongs to God. So, if they wanted to sit and visit near me when there were several other places for them to do so, I have no problem with it. I’m a little guy and only take up a small portion of one table. But if they were planning on getting rowdy why not go to one of the unoccupied portions of the park. There was plenty of other places available. But no, they had to get me wet.

What was I to these “good” Mormon college students? They stared at me and all they saw was my sun-darkened skin, a backpack, and a bicycle. Nothing says bum better in materialistic Satan George, Utah. All I was to them was a scum of lifeform [if you can call it that] that need not exist, in their opinion.

I guess, in all their wisdom as LDS college students they need not heed scripture such as Matthew 25:40, or D&C 42:37-38, and so on. In fact, why don’t they just flush the whole Book of Mormon down the toilet. Only then would there be justification for their behavior last night.

I left disgruntled (though not too visibly) much to their satisfaction. If I were their leader, I would never allow another “family home evening” at the park. They need to learn the gospel and how to act around others. They need to learn how to treat those around them and how to have respect for others. They would benefit a great deal from a lesson on “the golden rule”.

The Addiction of Power

There are three Satan George, Utah city police officers harassing a couple, as I write this, here at Worthen Park. I don’t know what the deal is, probably some satanic idiot called the police because the guy had his shirt off or something. I cannot express enough how illegal it is for police to even exist in America, let alone assume authority and power over citizens.

This is America! People fought and died so we [their posterity] could live in liberty and be afforded due process. We, each of us, are guaranteed innocent unless proved guilty in a court of law. The very concept of police negates liberty and justice. The assumption that these men and women in blue have power and the authority to assess and decide guilt is a travesty.

It is a measurement of the publics misinformation that has caused such tyranny to exist. For how else is it that in our Constitutional Republic, where public servants are bound to limited powers and authorities, such behaviors and blatant disregard for law has become so acceptable?

Where does the policeman get his authority? The chief of police. Where does he get it? Often, he gets it from the mayor or directly from the city. But where did the mayor or the city get it? They cannot just conjure it up out of nothing. The people can’t give it to them; for how can a person give that which they do not have? Therefore, the power and authority must remain with the individual people.

As American Citizens, we are sovereign. For do you suppose that our servants have authority or power over us? Can the maid or the butler give orders to the lord? Of course not! Just as the lord gives orders to the maid and butler, It is the people who tell their representatives and agents what to do.

The Republic was formed under the premise that nobody has the right to take or give that which they do not have; That no majority, regardless of how great, can take from me my life, property [possessions], or liberties, including my right to due process of law.

If you feel a crime has been committed against you, face those you accuse in court and prove your case. If you cannot prove your case, you have no right to accuse anybody of a crime. And you do not have the right to enlist the help of gestapo forces such as police. The last thing you have is the power and authority to control others or to pass those powers and authorities to others.

Everyday police arrest citizens who don’t know any better. Due process requires a court issued warrant before arrest, the court can only issue warrants upon conviction of guilt, which can only happen after a trial in which the accused [innocent] has the opportunity to face the accuser. Notice it is the accuser that the accused has the right to face, not a representative of the accuser.

These laws exist. They are tangible objects that may be held, felt, seen and understood. And, it is the obligation of every American to be aware and knowledgeable of such laws and require the servants to adhere to them. We need to become a well-informed public.

If you doubt my words, don’t argue them, research them. This is a truth that every American should be aware of. Do not take for granted our constitutions and charters. They are the job descriptions of our servants. Let’s get them back under the restraint they belong.

Long live the Republic!

Rejection Day

I think I’ll start referring to Sunday as rejection-day. Two Sundays ago my normal seat at the Worthen Park was occupied so I went down the road to temple grounds. I don’t like going there because there is no shade, the benches are uncomfortable, the ground is always wet, there are way too many bugs, and all the electric outlets are too far away. I go there for the one thing it has that the city park doesn’t; The pretty LDS girls.

I know I’m just setting myself up for disappointment every time I go there, and my reasons not to go there out number that one good reason. And how “good” is my reason for going there? Those girls, though members of my church, are still, first and foremost, St. [Satan] George girls; ever unwilling to look in my direction or accept a courteous greeting.

I do have a bit of gratitude that should be mentioned. There have been a grand total of four greetings I have received from woman since coming to Satan George, Utah on January 8th 2004. The first was mistake, and the woman visibly shuttered when she realized what I was. (On a bicycle ride with a friend we stopped at the old hospital so he could make a phone call. I was siting in the lobby nearby when the woman came in. As the doors opened I looked up and smiled at the pretty girl. Having not had a chance to really look at me she smiled back and said hi. That’s when she noticed who [what] I was and promptly left.) The second was a girl at the library who had noticed me checking her out. (When she looked at me, I smiled and (here’s the part I’ll never forget) she smiled back, took a step toward me, waved, and said hi. I was so stunned, being used to rude rejections that I just stared at her and said hi, I (me of all people!) couldn’t say thing! The girl saw my hesitation and actually ran away! Oh the rejection she must have felt. There is only two or three things in life I’d wish I could change, that was one of them.) The last two happened yesterday while I was on temple grounds. The one I’m most grateful for was a courtesy. She wasn’t interested in me, she wanted to sit on the bench right in front of me. Since I was watching her approach and smiling at her she smiled and said hi, sat down and proceeded to do what she had come for. She stands as proof that it is alright for a woman to be nice without worrying about unwanted advances. And believe me, there was a reason I was watching her approach. She’s one of those girls I wish I could give anything for.

One thing I noticed yesterday, and have to mention because it really makes me mad is when a guy shows up with more than one girl. What the hell are they thinking? What, one girl’s not good enough for him? One guy showed up yesterday with four girls! Four! As if that’s not bad enough those women followed him around like little lost puppies. These were beautiful LDS college girls. What were they thinking? This guy was so desirous that they were willing to share him? I will never understand that. Like there are no other guys in the world; he’s the only one who can satisfy them. Like I wasn’t right there. I would have given anything for any one of his harem. Another man’s trash eh? The whole thing is a major disrespect to women.

A Flower For Me

I’ve developed a new crush. I mentioned her in the previous entry. I met her on Monday, we were both doing volunteer work. Her name is the name of a flower, so from now on I’ll call her Flower. (Remember Bambi? “He can call me Flower, if he wants to.”) She has the most exquisite dark eyes and a fabulous body. I was distracted much the day I first saw her. And it gets better, she once sneaked a mouse into her school cafeteria! What a woman!

She says she has more guy friends than girl friends though. Normally, I get discouraged concerning a woman who knows she could have any man she wanted, but I can’t help myself. I am smitten with her. She seems interested with me as well, and for that I would ask her to marry me in a heartbeat.

I’ve only seen her that one day, but she has placed upon me a lasting impression. I think, that while I was trying to catch her on my hook, she caught me on hers. I haven’t been able to shake her of my mind all week. Not that I want too, you understand, I like it.

A friend of mine informed me that Flower had showed up everyday to volunteer and spoke about me a few times, even inquiring where I live. Had I known that she was going to be there expecting me, I would have volunteered more this week. So, when I heard these things, I wrote her a little note and inserted a card with my name and web and e-mail addresses on it and had my friend deliver it last night. I hope she e-mails me, and I hope she has her own Internet connection because the local [socialist] library blocks all sites posted on because it may be possible for someone to host a pornographic website.

I really want to see her again.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever get a chance to see her again, but I sure hope so. Flower is fine woman and I know she’ll make a fabulous wife and mother. I can only hope to win her away from all the competition. I’m not very competitive, so this will be a great challenge for me. Wish me luck.

And Flower, if you ever read this, make no mistake; you’re just the type of woman I could easily fall in love with and if you let me fall in love with you, it will be my intention to have you as my wife. Whatever it takes. And you’ll never be disappointed in me. And don’t get discouraged because I want a dozen or so daughters, trust me, you have the body and the youth for it.

The Girl Watcher

I’m a girl watcher through and through. I find most of my time not dealing with the finer points of God’s plan are spent admiring the finer points of the female. I love everything about them. When they’re little, they’re soft, cute, cuddly and ticklish. Lovable. For the best, that never changes. At least not when they’re with someone they love and cherish.

I see a lot of girls at the park I frequent. I’ve seen many of them in love and too many of them not. I’ve seen couples role in the grass like in the movies, but not acting. I’ve seen a date end with a woman declaring in no-uncertain-terms not to ask her out a again! I’ve seen girls drooling over guys without a clue. I’ve drooled over girls who didn’t have a clue. But some girls are just plain confusing.

Last week I saw a girl who was everything a girl should be. She was on a double date with, what looked like, a friend and two brothers. She was giving me the eye. I was giving it back with a smile. She was having a good time throwing the Frisbee, and I was having a good time watching. It looked like we both wanted to talk, but were uncomfortable about how to go about it; she was, after all, on a date. We both left at the arrival of dusk and I hoped that if she was interested in me as much as I thought she was, she would come back to the park on the off-chance I would be here. Of course I would be.

Well she did return a few days later. Alone. I was so exited! I thought I was going to get me a girlfriend! Finally. But to my amazement, when she noticed me smiling at her, she sat facing away from me! In fact, she sat there in the shade of the closest tree to me for over an hour and never once glanced in my direction. In fact, the more I watched her (hoping to catch her eye and attention) the more I realized she was going out of her way to ignore me! This was way out of character from the her I saw just two days earlier who couldn’t keep her eyes off me. I was devastated to say the least. I watched her all the way up to the point she left the park and proceeded down the road on foot. She never looked in my direction once.

I thought perhaps she was just nervous since she was all alone; she didn’t feel comfortable meeting a new stranger all alone in the park. But, I saw her a couple of days later in the county library. Nice public place, plenty of people. She didn’t even give me a chance to see her let alone smile at her. She saw me first and fained interest in waiting at the counter to be helped with her purchase of what may have been a hasty selection of old magazines the library has for sale near the door. (That’s where she was when I came in, I couldn’t see her through the reflection, but she could see me coming.)

Well, I don’t know what her game was, but I’ve gotten nothing but rejection since coming to St. [Satan] George, Utah. This is discouraging for a number of reasons. First, it hurts because the whole reason I came here in the first place was to find me a nice wife and start my family. I picked St. George because my church has a strong presence here. Second, because I had spent ten years turning away prospects because I thought I already had a girl who wanted me. She was my first rejection. Third, because I don’t know why I’m getting rejected. I may not be a gods-gift-to-women, but when I look in the mirror I see an attractive man that should be able to get a somewhat desirable, attractive woman. But the most important reason is that having a wife is a fundamental requirement for mans eternal, celestial joy.

Every time I find a girl I like who seem to like me back, I become obsessed. It’s like a form of tunnel vision. My thoughts revolve around her and I start entertaining fantasies of marriage and family raising. I’m kind of funny that way I guess; most guys have sexual fantasies. Like today, for instance, when I found that tortoise. I wanted to pick it up and take it too my latest non-celebrity crush. I wanted to share the unique experience with her as though she were my wife. Other times, like when I’m riding my bike to or from town, I think about how much easier it would be if I had her as my wife and a bicycle built for two.

I guess this is what it means to be lonely. I never understood that until now. When I was little, my mom used to use loneliness as a curse on me; she often threatened that I was going to be lonely because of the things I did (like being mean to my sisters and such). Though I did stop being mean, I never did see what was so bad with being alone. I am by nature an unsocial, loner, much like the cowboys of the old west. I understand now that being alone and loneliness are two different things. I still enjoy being alone, but I wish I wasn’t so lonely.

I often find myself gazing at a girl and thinking, I’d give anything to have a woman like her. I have to try hard to brake myself from that habit. I don’t have anything to offer a woman except. . . the gospel maybe, love, babies for sure (at least I hope, I am getting pretty old), and friendship. In todays world, those are not considered valuable. I’ve noticed most modern girls are conditioned to expect materialistic things of this world. What’s girls best friend, for instance? I can’t even afford a cigar band. But “wouldn’t [she] look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two”?

My Curse

As any patron of my blog can attest, I have three major train of thoughts; gospel, girls, and politics. I cannot help it and it drives me crazy! I don’t mind contemplating the gospel one single bit. Girls are wonderful things, and my favorite things beside the gospel to contemplate, though they do their part to drive me crazy. The politics I can do without.

Desert Tortoise Spotting

I saw a cute little baby desert tortoise today. I saw it as I was riding into town this morning. I use the paved bicycle trail that runs parallel to the highway to get to town every morning and the little tortoise was in the middle of the south bound lane. From a distance I though it may be a rock or coyote droppings. I was just about right over it when I realized what it was. I started braking (I was going fast, so it took some time with my poor brakes) and turned around to make sure. The shell was about 3 inches long and a little less for the width. It looked just like the one on my website here. This makes the second one I’ve ever seen in the wild, the first one was a lot bigger-like a foot diameter or so.