Second Letter to Em

Remember that letter I mentioned back in September ’04? Well, even though I wrote it I never sent it. Yesterday I decided to write another one. The second letter was lot better than the first and I think it will receive a better reception. After I wrote it, I went to and read through some of the fan stories. Despite the fact that they were all of rich kids attending major motion picture premieres (one kid actually writes “oh yea, I forgot” when his mom reminds him the family is going to a Harry Potter premiere), I did enjoy their assessments of Em. Those letters paint a very friendly, lovable woman. Of course, all those snobs got to meet her and have pictures taken and conversation. All I can hope for is some kind of response. I didn’t ask for a response, so I won’t be surprised not to get one. It would be nice though. Like that story on Ape Culture about Phil Hartman.

As I slid the letter into the shoot at the post office, I thought “wow, that was easy”. And while walking out of the post office I got the idea that I could start sending more fan letters to other stars I admire. Maybe even all of them. It only costs $.45 and the address will be whatever studio they’re working for. . . I think. I sent my Emma Watson letter to her care of Warner Bros Inc. in Burbank California. I hope that’s correct. If not, I guess I’ll try another.

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