The Addiction of Power

There are three Satan George, Utah city police officers harassing a couple, as I write this, here at Worthen Park. I don’t know what the deal is, probably some satanic idiot called the police because the guy had his shirt off or something. I cannot express enough how illegal it is for police to even exist in America, let alone assume authority and power over citizens.

This is America! People fought and died so we [their posterity] could live in liberty and be afforded due process. We, each of us, are guaranteed innocent unless proved guilty in a court of law. The very concept of police negates liberty and justice. The assumption that these men and women in blue have power and the authority to assess and decide guilt is a travesty.

It is a measurement of the publics misinformation that has caused such tyranny to exist. For how else is it that in our Constitutional Republic, where public servants are bound to limited powers and authorities, such behaviors and blatant disregard for law has become so acceptable?

Where does the policeman get his authority? The chief of police. Where does he get it? Often, he gets it from the mayor or directly from the city. But where did the mayor or the city get it? They cannot just conjure it up out of nothing. The people can’t give it to them; for how can a person give that which they do not have? Therefore, the power and authority must remain with the individual people.

As American Citizens, we are sovereign. For do you suppose that our servants have authority or power over us? Can the maid or the butler give orders to the lord? Of course not! Just as the lord gives orders to the maid and butler, It is the people who tell their representatives and agents what to do.

The Republic was formed under the premise that nobody has the right to take or give that which they do not have; That no majority, regardless of how great, can take from me my life, property [possessions], or liberties, including my right to due process of law.

If you feel a crime has been committed against you, face those you accuse in court and prove your case. If you cannot prove your case, you have no right to accuse anybody of a crime. And you do not have the right to enlist the help of gestapo forces such as police. The last thing you have is the power and authority to control others or to pass those powers and authorities to others.

Everyday police arrest citizens who don’t know any better. Due process requires a court issued warrant before arrest, the court can only issue warrants upon conviction of guilt, which can only happen after a trial in which the accused [innocent] has the opportunity to face the accuser. Notice it is the accuser that the accused has the right to face, not a representative of the accuser.

These laws exist. They are tangible objects that may be held, felt, seen and understood. And, it is the obligation of every American to be aware and knowledgeable of such laws and require the servants to adhere to them. We need to become a well-informed public.

If you doubt my words, don’t argue them, research them. This is a truth that every American should be aware of. Do not take for granted our constitutions and charters. They are the job descriptions of our servants. Let’s get them back under the restraint they belong.

Long live the Republic!

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