Webpage Update

I’ve reloaded all my pages. You’ll notice the pages now display the date just under the top banner ad.

I added an IM button for users of Yahoo! Instant Messenger. I’m rarely online any more, but when I get a wireless network card for my laptop, I’ll be available nearly 16 hours a day 6 days a week.

I also change a major problem with the navigation bar. I had mistakenly put page05 instead of page12 in the code so when you clicked on Employment Facts, the browser just kicked you to my Social Security page. Sorry about that for any of you who didn’t know what that page was.

I didn’t realize it, but the links to the Withholding Exemption Certificate and the transmittal PDF files were broken. They now work on all servers. You can view the files here:

page04.html or page04.html

or directly by clicking wec-coc.pdf or wec-coc.pdf

and transmittal.pdf or transmittal.pdf

If you notice any problems, let me know.


Well, I’ve had this Blog now for over a year. I think it has served its purpose. When I first started it, I didn’t know what a blog was. Now, I understand it as an online journal. I have used the blog to vent about my oppressions, educate my readers, brainstorm, acknowledge the finer points of life as I see them, and just as something to do. I think I’m done.

I’m not going to use this blog as often any more. I’ll still make posts from time to time, but nothing like before. From now on I’ll focus it mostly as a what’s new page for my website.

The thing is, I think I’ve written about as much as I can stand concerning politics and government, and what more can be said about the girls in Satan George, Utah? There is a chance I’ll change my mind later on, but until then, farewell.

Webpage Update

I’ve revised the navigation bar on the site.

I also fixed the code on the index.html page, for some reason when I wrote the page I had forgot to include the fancy horizontal line, so now it has it.

I added a bunch on the ‘work in progress’ Religious Justification page. There is still a LOT more I can (and will) add (as any devout LDS can attest), so it is nowhere near completion.

You can see the changes at:

index.html or index.html
page37.html or page37.html

Bye, Bye Crush

I have felt inspired to cease my efforts concerning the contest on Emma-Watson.net. There are several logical reasons why I shouldn’t waste time on such frivolous pursuits. At any rate, I do have better things to spend my time on. I am a writer after all.

Ill Health

I may have a cold. I’m not sure, my sinuses seem fine, but I’m sure feeling funny. Hypo-sensitive. Drowsy. My whole body seems drained and weak. I get this way when I take Benadryl, only without the headache. I thought I may have had a fever yesterday, but I have no way to tell. I don’t feel like eating either, though I am hungry.

It may not be a cold. Three days ago, I got bitten or stung by something I never saw. It stung like a bee, but I watched it and it didn’t swell up or anything (I am allergic to bee stings), so I didn’t take anything for it. Today, it’s an itchy bump. Also, all last week, a friend of mine was very sick with what turned out be some kind of worm infection? He said people only get it with infections. He was in pretty bad shape, I saw him on Sunday and told me all about it. He was recovering well by the time i saw him. Anyway, I know it’s not that because I’m not urinating, vomiting, and so on blood.

Too Close For Comfort 002

Well, we got rain last night. We also got lightning and thunder storms. Some of those lightning strikes were way too close for my taste. I don’t mind being fried to a crisp in one millisecond, so long as I die painless. But I also have to worry about these darned fires. Even if I don’t get hit by lightning, I could be cooked alive in the swift-moving fires that start because of near-by lightning strikes. It can be very nerve racking.

Pink & Blue

Girls wear pink. Boys wear blue. That’s just the way it is. Since we were children that was how we were distinguished between the genders. That’s not to say that we each must always dress in such simplistic manner, or that we must like those particular colors.

My favorite color is green. Green has been my favorite for as long as I can remember. My next favorite color would have to be pink. Pink, you think? Yes, that’s right I love pink just as much as I like green. I hate blue though.

My mom’s favorite color is blue. In fact, you could say she is obsessed with the color blue, even to her detriment. Everything she buys with a color choice has to be blue. She is very adamant about this. Even when selecting gifts for people who prefer better colors, she buys blue.

Therefore, I have a blue shirt. It’s still “Hawaiian” in basic design, just no Hawaiian colors. It’s blue. I hate blue. However, I do wear the shirt, for I have made a personal observation that most girls prefer blue. (No, I do not get any better acceptance for it, but I’m still hoping.)

I wonder about this. To me girls girls look best in pinkish clothes. I think most men prefer that color too. Women are often expected to wear colorful attire, after all. And you can’t have a more pleasing color that pink for a woman to wear. On the other hand, men seem more expected to wear blue. We are not expected to wear attire that is pleasing to us, but clothes designed to attract woman.

Could it be true that men prefer pick where woman prefer blue? It would explain why babies are dressed in the respective color to their gender. After all, we all tend to cherish and pamper those objects and materials that please us, why not a stinky, crying, torment of a baby?

Scotty’s Been Beamed Up!

James Doohan died today. There won’t be any more Scotty appearances at the Star Trek conventions. Well, he was the first to participate, so we’ll miss him there. I’ve already missed him in the movies since Star Trek switched to the Next Generation.

I’ve never been to a convention either, now I’ll really miss out. Hey, if any of you want to buy me a ticket a BIG Trek convention, like in Las Vagas, let me know. Ever since I saw the movie Trekkies, I’ve wanted to go to a caonvention.

My Celebrity Crush

As you know, I have the hots for Miss Emma Watson. I have taken to downloading pictures of her from my favorite-and the best-Emma Watson Internet fan website, emma-watson.net. That website has a contest every week for fans to create Emma logo banners for Wednesday displays on the site. They have a different banner each day of the week except for Wednesday, that is reserved for each weeks winner. I’ve been learning Adobe Photoshop 6 from the Classroom in a Book book here at the library, and intend to enter the contest. I may not make it, there is only a couple more weeks left of the contest, and I just don’t know enough about computer photo editing.

Computer video editing on the other hand. . . Funny thing is, I’ve had Adobe Photoshop 6 since the year it came out and have never used it. I acquired a full suite of Adobe products for American Campbell, my amateur movie company. I got comfortable with Adobe After Effects 5.0 and Adobe Premiere 6, but never did anything with Photoshop 6.

I just got done downloading all the pics from Em’s arrival at the Wedding Crashers Premiere. She is so beautiful, and it tears me to peaces that she was so self conscience about her braces. She’s just as pretty with or without them, I hope she starts to realize it. She’s always been so comfortable in front of the camera.

Still, there are some marvelous shots of her. There’s one particular I’ll try to make a nice desktop wallpaper out of. My current wallpaper is a colorful wallpaper I made several years ago of Sally Peep from NBC’s The 10th Kingdom. It’s been my wallpaper for. . . what five years now? I acquired it with an All-In-Wonder video-capture card, way back then. Though Kimberly Williams (the Star of The 10th Kingdom) was as radiant as usual, the character Sally Peep just stole the show for me.

I wish I could get as colorful an image of Emma or Hermione. I consider it a great travesty for Emma that the Harry Potter movies have to take place in England. In the movies, England has to be portrayed as gray and gloomy, maybe it is in real life, I wouldn’t know. I wish we could see Emma Watson in a movie like The tenth Kingdom, though, where everything is as fun, vibrant, and colorful. Maybe the directer of Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix will lighten things up for us. Beauty deserves beauty, after all, and it is unfortunate that Emma has not been afforded it, yet.

Me And My Cement Shoes

Two weeks ago my front brake cable broke on my bicycle. My use of both the front and back brakes has always been extensive. I would rely on the back to slow down and the front to come to a complete stop. I never did get around to fixing it. I planned on using the cable used for the front derailer, since I never use the two smaller sprockets (this bike is geared so low, it must have been built for wimps).

Anyway, Last night the back brake cable broke. I almost crashed trying to bring the bicycle to a stop. I was discouraged about the problem, but resolved to park the bike at the library for the night and walk home.

Halfway home I was wishing I had taken the time in the past week to fix my front brake cable so I could have had at least one working brake. When the front cable broke I had started carrying the tools for when I got around to fixing it.

Then, I felt stupid.

I still had the tools with me, and all I had to do was take the back brake cable and fix the front brake. There was no need for me to have walked all that way. I don’t know why I didn’t think about it before. Maybe I do. I was thinking about it all last week (replacing the front brake cable with the front gear cable), not thinking about it last night was a punishment, walking was the consequence.

When I realized what I could do so I could ride home (it’s a 45 minute ride, but a two hour walk all up hill), I was half way home and decided to just finish the walk. My feet are killing me for it today. The shoes I have are like cement blocks. They were never designed well, or not intended to be walked in. My feet were all ready blistery by the time I realized I could fix the bike and ride home.

I remember when I first got the shoes. I bought them on a typical rainy day when the shoes I was wearing (one month old, comfortable, good for walking) were soaked through and my feet were uncomfortable. (While riding a bicycle down the hill from where I live in a storm, the rain glides down the front of my legs like rivers and cascades onto the to the top of the shoes. I wear rain gear on my pants, but I have nothing to protect my shoes.) I was fed up with the low-geared 21 speed and returned it to Wal-Mart in Washington. With the money, I bought these shoes and some dry socks for the walk home (among other things). I threw the wet shoes away (much to my regret later). By the time I got back to St. George, Utah (6 miles or so) my feet felt like Michelle Trachtenberg’s in Ice Princess after skating in those brand new skates.

That night, by the time I got home, every one of my toes were bruised under the nail, the big left one the most. It’s just now beginning to look somewhat normal. Another two months growth and it would be as beautiful as ever again. I hope last nigh and this morning didn’t reset them. I like wearing sandals in this heat, but I’ve been waiting for my toenails to heal.

I know the bottoms of my feet are blistered and broken. That will take at least a week to fix. I wish I had taken the time to turn around when I remembered all I had to do to fix my brake problem was switch one cable over. It would have taken five minutes to fix and my feet wouldn’t have had to walk so far in these cement capsules Ozark Trail marketed as shoes.