Washington County Gestapo

Well, I just can’t do it. I cannot stop myself from mentioning, once again, the abuse of unlawful authority at the Washington County Library. This year, the Utah legislature passed a bill that, at first glance, gives public libraries the power to control what the patron can do. Within days the Washington County Library posted signs that declare the library Cell-phone free. Since then, I have seen librarians get belligerent with cell-phone owning patrons. So long as this is America, and America is a republic, no librarian will ever hold legal authority to tell any American Citizen what they can or cannot do. Period. I would give anything and everything to sue the Washington County Library for all the atrocities I have witnessed these librarians perform. I would give anything to witness everyone of them get fired for trampling our liberty. They are almost as bad as the city police. Together, they are the Washington County Gestapo.