I tend to notice a lot of trivial coincidence, it’s just how my mind works. Like, for instance, on Friday, my youngest sister and I watched the episode of Full House in which the ever-sexy, lustrous Cameron and best friend the Keebler Elf go to a frat party and the Elf gets drunk. At one scene, the the Elf is depicted as reciting a certain poem. Then, after we had come back from picking up the little kids, we watched Superman II: The Donner Cut and low and behold there was the same poem being quoted by Jor-El.

Then, on Saturday, while watching the television broadcast of Home Alone 3, I saw a preview for a new movie due in theaters later this month called Eragon. The interesting coincidence about that was that I had just finished that very book.

Sometime towards the beginning of this year, I obtained a copy of the fantasy novel. I never took the time to read it, however, until I saw the sequel, Eldest, at the local library. Seeing it intrigued me enough to take the time and see if Eragon was any good. So, last week I pulled the book out and read it over a few late nights. It was fairly good, and I was anticipating reading farther in Eldest, which had sat on display unread for weeks at the library.

As it turns out, Eldest was checked out Friday when I went to the library to get it. I guess it doesn’t matter now; now that there is a movie, everyone is going to be reading Eragon to make sure they’ve read the book before seeing the movie, and subsequently reserving and checking out Eldest. I suppose it will be a while before I’ll have the opportunity to see what becomes of Eragon and Saphira.

At any rate, the movie already looks quite a bit different than the book, but just as entertaining and enjoyable. Perhaps I’ll get a chance to see it in theaters. I may make a point to do so.

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