Another stupid, bad written, show for NBC.  Who writes this shit?!  How do they get hired?  Please execute them, somebody…

I only left it on because it came on after The Office, which of course, was fantastic, and so was Community (Now there’s a great written show!).

I don’t understand how Whitney could last as long as it has, but entertaining shows like Roomates, Kyle XY, Greek, Make it or Break It, get sacked. I know, all those shows were ABC, not NBC, but why can’t NBC buy those awesome shows that Disney doesn’t want, the same thing happened with other shows, like Scrubs and CBS to name one.

When Roommates came out, I thought it belonged on NBC, it was like a modern Friends, if it had a chance on broadcast rather than cable, it would have been an amazing hit. It would, in fact, fit right between NBC hit The office and the new cop show. As it is, this is the first and last time I watch Whitney, and therefore I will never see the new cop show after it.

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