Released From Church ‘Callings’, Is Excommunication Next?

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My ward conference was two weeks ago. I was barred from attending in-person, but watched it live via the private YouTube stream. When the members were asked for any opposing votes to the offices of Stake President, Bishop, and Priests Quorum President, I raised my hand, even though I was in my home alone.

The at home members were then instructed to notify the stake president if we had an opposing vote. So I immediately wrote a short and sweet email to the stake president, whom I was opposing, notifying him of my opposition to those callings.

Fast forward to Saturday May 1, 2021, and I come home to a voice message from the bishop, whose callings I voted opposed to. Telling me that my own callings had to be “switched out” to someone else the following day, because I wasn’t attending.

Attending what?!!!

I tuned in the fallowing day to my ward’s sacrament stream on YouTube, and sure enough, I was release with a vote of thanks, presumably. (The camera never shows the congregation, despite the fact that I personally programmed it’s ability to do so, it’s the operators decision.) My callings weren’t specifically mentioned, but I consider it a valid release.

Anyway, I am an open book, so here is my official response I offered to the bishopric via an email with the subject line “Thank You For “Releasing Me” LOL”:

“Hi Bro. Carter. I just want you to know that I have received the voice mail you left me. Thank you for “releasing” me from these callings. I now know, without any doubt, that you are in fact releasing people as a personal vendetta and penalty for opposing you, even when we are 100% compliant, as I am. I had suspected, but now I have the proof.

“First of all, I need to point out that I do not oppose my release. After-all, I did ask to be released a few times since November 18. It’s pretty obvious I cannot perform the duties of either of those callings if I am forbidden to enter the premises.

“For my release, I say thank you.

“I do contest your decision to do so without consulting me in person, and for the excuse you used to release me. In the voice mail you claimed that if I wasn’t going to attend, I needed to be switched out.

“Attend what? I have literally been attending every meeting and activity that I have been made aware of and am permitted to attend. I have even been hosting the Aaronic Priesthood zoom meetings, of which I have been the only attendee since you allowed in-person meetings, even though those meeting are supposed to accessible also through Zoom, which they have been, I know because I have been hosting them.

“What else was I supposed to “attend”? Neither you nor the stake presidency have rescinded or retracted your unrighteous requirement to wear a mask inside the Holbrook meeting house, yet. As soon as you or they, or your replacement, or their replacements, do start to allow all members to enter the meetinghouse without a mask, I will be attending in person.

“Our current instruction from the stake presidency, and you personally, is that masks are required in Malad Idaho Stake meetinghouses, and those who attend in-person meetings inside meetinghouses without a mask are disrespecting those who do wear the mark.

“As unrighteous and evil as that directive is, I am compliant with it. Since I will not wear the mark of the beast, I comply with your, and the stake presidents, instruction by “participating from home”.

“You are penalizing me for doing exactly what I have been told to do.

“As you are 100% well aware, your position, and that of the stake “leaders”, on this matter, directly opposes and contradicts the instruction, direction, counsel, and guidelines provided by president Russell M. Nelson, the first presidency, the apostles, and the general authorities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, issued clear back in May of last year.

“Which are as follows:
“If you are sick, stay home. If you have to leave while sick, wear a mask. To avoid getting sick, avoid people who are coughing and sneezing.

“Anything more than that comes from the devil, anything less of that comes from the devil.

“Repent now before it’s too late. Invite us all to enter the meetinghouse of our Lord and Savior, who invite ALL, members or not, mark or not, to come unto him, whether we wear a mask or not.

“I remind you, yet again, that no other man on Earth has authority to dictate what other people have wear in order to hear the words of Christ, or partake of his holy sacrament.

“Come back unto Christ. Stand once more in the holy places of the spirit of Christ and the true gospel and doctrine of Jesus Christ and his rightful Church.

“Eventually, the meetinghouses will once again be opened to in-person meetings. At this point, the question isn’t will it happen, but whether God has to release you to get it done. If you are up-to-date with your Come, Follow Me lessons, then you will learn this week that you should have never cast any of us out from our meetings, especially the sacrament meeting.

“Please make amends with all of us whom you have wronged, by the requiring of the mark of the beast in order to enter into the Lords house, by publicly apologizing and formally rescinding and retracting the requirement to wear a mask in the Lord’s meetinghouse in Holbrook, and invite all of us, who you’ve cast out, to return, with or without a mask, to partake of the sacrament and of His words, and declare that it is not disrespectful to others to not wear a mask.

“I leave you with one final request, please watch and read Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s speech titled “What Is Truth” from his Church Educational System devotional of Jan. 13, 2013.


“The speech covers many of the false doctrine and snares that you and the other stake leaders have fallen for this past year.

“Remember, you can always repent, change your eternal course back to Jesus Christ and truth.

“You may also find this video from the Church helpful, it’s titled “What is Revelation”:

“Hopefully it will help you recognize false claims of prophecy and the false prophets who make them.

“It is my testimony that David Jensen is not a prophet, and he is not receiving revelation for the Church, as it is recorded that you have wrongfully claimed.

“When the Holbrook meetinghouse is once again open to everyone, as God has always wanted it, I will once again attend in-person meetings, and I’ll see you there.”

I truly hope he repents.

Democrats Use Subversive Tactics To Circumvent The Law

Democrats are using subversive tactics as a trojan horse to circumvent the law. New Jersey is using a subpoena for an unrelated, frivolous case, claiming false advertising, to gain information it hopes will help gun control activists.

C’est Fini. The Wheel Of Time Part 1 of 2

Image of the cover for the book The Eye of The World by Robert Jordan


I spent the summer of 1996 camping in various places in the Targhee and Gallatin national forests while working in West Yellowstone Montana. My average day included going to work, then fishing until I caught dinner, then relaxing with a book until bedtime.

At some point during that summer I decided I needed to start reading a good multi-volume epic fantasy. I am very picky about writing styles. I spent over an hour in the little book shop in West Yellowstone reading through several first pages and judging many books by their cover.

So it was that I found myself purchasing Robert Jordan’s The Eye of The World.

The first few books in The Wheel of Time series, imprinted a few important truisms on my mind. While I did enjoy the characters and story, I always felt like there was no re-readability to them. Another impression was how vast this world could be; I imagined all sorts of side stories and novels unrelated to the main series, the world was that rich to me. And, lastly, I’ll never forget the most powerful impression from those early books. Call it inspiration, or something else, I don’t know, all I can say about it is that I knew that Robert Jordan would die long before the main series could come to a natural end.

He did.

To be honest though, the series had all ready died for me. By the time book nine had finally been released, Jordan had started cluttering the stories with long prologues that never added anything new or interesting, often times focusing on enemy plots. Not a single one of which progressed the story or contained anything the reader would need to know to clarify something in the story proper.

When I managed to trudge through those prologues, I realized quickly that now the first several chapters were just repeating what had happened in the previous books. By the time I reached the point in the book that the reader was all caught up and the story moving forward, I would notice the pages were opened half way through the book.

That frustrated me. And to top it all off, there was no Matrim Cauthon. His story had ended with a major cliff-hanger and he wasn’t even in the next two books.

It was then, I decided to stop reading the series. I figured I’d takeoff from there once, if ever, the series was completed. I don’t even remember reading the rest of Winter’s Heart. I may have simply put it down and walked away, never again waiting years to be disappointed by Robert Jordan. It was the last Wheel of Time book I ever purchased.

When did I buy Elantris? I do not even remember. I do recall, that I had exhausted all interesting fantasy series’ available at the time, and that Brandon Sanderson had only the one book published. I bought it at a book store, though as I try to remember when or where, using the publication dates, the memory escapes me.

I loved Elantris. It was so refreshing, and I enjoyed Sanderson’s style. The book became an instant favorite for me, and I hoped the author would not be another one-hit-wonder which is so prevalent in the fantasy genre. It is a book I have read twice, and will read again, yes, I consider it re-readable.

Like many wheel of time fans, I was devastated when my premonition of his dead came to pass. Although the publisher did attempt to pacify our worries of a truly unfinished story with statements declaring Jordan had left behind extensive notes, I was apprehensive none-the-less. I honestly had no hope until the announcement came that Brandon Sanderson had been selected to finish the work.

Still, I never reread the first nine books or made any attempt to finish reading the series. I simply had no desire to reread Jordan’s books. Also, I had lost everything I owned in a bad winter, and replacing all The Wheel of Time books at once was too much of an undesired expense.

So it was that I found myself at the end of 2016 still unaware of the fate of some of my most loved and cherished characters from one of the richest fantasy worlds I had ever adored. It had been almost four full years since the end of the series was published, and over nine years since Robert Jordan had passed away, and about 19 years since I had last read from any of The Wheel of Time books.

It was time. An opportunity arose in December of 2016 to borrow the audio book versions of the entire series. I took it. With a great deal of trepidation, I started the audio book series from the beginning with the intention of finally completing it.

I have mentioned the re-readable aspect of these books before, and should clarify at this time. I consider some books non-re-readable for a myriad of reasons. Some are just written bad, others aren’t interesting enough to reread. There are, however, two series’ that I thoroughly enjoyed that I consider non-re-readable: J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books, and Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time. Why? Well, because I memorized them the first time. That’s the simplest straight forward answer I can give. In the case of these two series’, it isn’t a bad thing to not be re-readable.

I could expand of course, and shall try a bit. Robert Jordan’s writing style is very simple and easy on the mind. His story is gentle and leaves just the right amount of the reader’s imagination, not to fill in blanks, but to… coauthor. As a coauthor, I know the story and remember it. I cannot think to myself, ‘oh, I should reread that book,’ because I remember all of it. Over 20 years had passed since I read the words that make The Eye of The World, yet as I listened to Kate Reading and Michael Kramer, I often found myself quoting Jordan verbatim before they spoke. There wasn’t much, if anything that I had forgotten in those long years.

Egwene’s story is the most heart wrenching of the series. Even though I had not read past the ninth book in the series, I had read, since the publication of A Memory of Light, online fan pages and character synopses. So, I already knew what was going to happen, just not the words used, or the exact place in the story. I can say that Egwene’s death was a major reason I put off reading the series for so long.

As the end of what I had all ready read drew closer, my trepidation grew unbearable. Knowing Egwene’s fate, and being in the process of rehashing her accomplishments thus far, just tore me apart inside and I totally broke down. I had to stop listening everyday, and relegated the audio readings to the one night a week I spend at my other job. In between those nights, I had to cast out all thought of The Wheel of Time.

That distancing worked. It only took a few weeks before I started slipping the audio reading back into my daily life, a couple hours there, a few here. It was much like the time I would have spent reading a book anyway. By the time Jordan’s last book, Knife of Dreams, had ended, I was able to start Sanderson’s The Gathering Storm immediately, without any trepidation at all. In fact, I even looked forward to Sanderson’s turn.

I finished A Memory of Light last night right at my normal bed time. I did not like Sanderson’s ending, but I did enjoy much of the final epilogue, which as it turns out, was written by Robert Jordan himself, for the most part. I could tell the difference, but I’ll get into that next time.

Robert Jordan is gone now. The Wheel of Time series has ended. I feel like I have a huge hole in my heart. The past several weeks has been an emotional roller coaster. I’m not glad it’s over. For now that will have to do. Next time I’d like to compare Jordan’s portion of the story with Sanderson’s and offer my own take.

Happy New Year!

I connot believe that I didn’t write a single blog entry in 2016. It’s just as well, I guess.

Yesterday, I logged into, where my blog used to be hosted, and found this disturbing notice:

Screenshot of Google notice that I am subject to the European Union BULLSHIT!
“European Union laws require you to give European Union visitors information about cookies used on your blog. In many cases, these laws also require you to obtain consent. “As a courtesy, we have added a notice on your blog to explain Google’s use of certain Blogger and Google cookies, including use of Google Analytics and AdSense cookies. “You are responsible for confirming this notice actually works for your blog, and that it displays. If you employ other cookies, for example by adding third party features, this notice may not work for you. Learn more about this notice and your responsibilities.”

“European Union laws require you to give European Union visitors information about cookies used on your blog. In many cases, these laws also require you to obtain consent.

“As a courtesy, we have added a notice on your blog to explain Google’s use of certain Blogger and Google cookies, including use of Google Analytics and AdSense cookies.

“You are responsible for confirming this notice actually works for your blog, and that it displays. If you employ other cookies, for example by adding third party features, this notice may not work for you. Learn more about this notice and your responsibilities.”


I am a Sovereign American Citizen, subject ONLY to God the Eternal Father. I am not, repeat NOT a subject of the European Union or any member country of the EU. I have absolutely NO responsibility whatsoever to the EU. European Union laws DO NOT “require” me to do a damned thing.

So, now redirects to and I refuse to use or endorse Blogger ever again.  I may decide to completely stop using, and associating with, Google altogether if that’s is how they are representing me internationally.

So, a new year, and a new blogsite! And the European Union can shove it up there collective asses!

#BoycottBlogger #GoogleSucks! #TheEuropeanUnionCanShoveItUpTheirCollectiveAsses! #EuropeanUnion #EU #EUSucks! #EuropeanUnionSucks! #AmericanPatriot #SovereignCitizen @Google #FuckYou!