Interrupted Labor

Image of Numbers 1 & 2 sized to $20 bill as they sleep.Two weeks ago, I was in the process of writing this blog entry when the power went out. I was, as always, on my laptop, so I did not loose what I ha written, but the desktop server, through which I receive my internet connection, and the router and modem were all out. Following is how the post was intended:

"They call it interrupted labor, when a cat has more than one kitten then all signs of labor stop for as long as 24 to 36 hours before giving birth again.  Garfield’s second living kitten came at 1:10 AM this morning.  The previous surviving kitten was at around 8:30 PM on Sunday.

"I could swear I felt another kitten while massaging the mommy cat after her latest delivery, maybe even two.  But, as of yet, she has had no further signs of labor through this very moment.  Maybe I was wrong.  It is possible that all she had in there was three, but with as big as she was, and as hard as it was to jump up onto anything, I expected at least a half dozen.

Image of Number 1 lying on Mamma Garfield"So far, kittens two and three are doing great.  I call them Number One and Number Two.  Will there be more?  Only time can tell."

I wrote that on Tuesday, April 27, 2010 at around 8:35 PM.  Turns out, Garfield only had the two.

The two images were taken yesterday and just a few minutes ago respectively. In the second image, they are just waking up from the sound of the camera turning on.  😀  At least they were still cute enough for the picture.