First Batch of Chicks For 2022

Video taken on 2022-05-25 to document when I got this batch of chicks into the brooder. My sister hatched them from my leghorn eggs. I had originally ordered a straight run of light brown Leghorn chicks from the local feed store but was told the hatcheries they use were out this year and wouldn’t have any in stock until next year.

The reason I wanted more chicks was because I wanted a bigger more apt leghorn rooster. Last years prize Leghorn rooster had become injured and had to be put down. The backup Leghorn rooster, however, was a runt, and never grew into a confident take-charge rooster. I also have a few Buff Orpington/Leghorn mixed hens I’d like to give away, and move fully into a leghorn only flock.

When the feed store notified me about the shortage of light brown Leghorns, my flock was roostered by a Buff Orpington/Leghorn cross my sister had hatched for me last year. He had easily dominated the weaker secondary Leghorn rooster, but was bringing the hens up to me any time I was around. I don’t like that. I prefer the roosters to keep the flock away from me while I am outside. So, I put him down, then waited over 2 weeks before starting to collect eggs to hatch. (To give the weaker Leghorn enough time to mate with all the Leghorn hens.)

I’m just posting this here for my own personal record, so next year I can jog my memory if need be. So now I’m hoping to get 2 good Leghorn roosters. The sad thing is, 18 eggs went into lockdown out of 24, and of the 18, only eight survived. I was hoping for a much better survival rate, so despite how late in the year it is, I’ll be taking another two dozen eggs to my sister for incubation and hatching. I guess that’s why they say “don’t count your chickens before they hatch”.

Argument In Support of Anti-Abortion Laws & Prosecution

Panorama image of United States Supreme Court Building at Dusk by Joe Ravi CC-BY-SA 3.0 center-ropped to 16:9

Not sure government should be able to force a woman to carry an unwanted child?

Well, I argue that government is an institution of God, for the protection of, among other things, human life; and that our Creator included an instruction in our DNA to excrete a hormone that effectively forces a woman to carry a child ‘to term’, therefore government has an obligation to enact and enforce anti-abortion laws and procedures that do mandate a woman carry the baby until it can be safely developed outside the womb, and that the baby then be kept alive.

A baby in the womb is not simply a passive object being built by the mother’s body. From the moment of conception, the pregnant woman’s body is, in great measure, under the control of the baby by design.

Most foreign objects in the human body are destroyed and/or ejected by our natural immune system. A pregnant woman’s body notices and should destroy or eject a new baby within only a couple of the baby’s first cell divisions. The reason it does not is because our DNA includes the instruction for those first cells to excrete substances that suppress the woman’s immune response.

Specifically: “A hormone produced by the earliest cells after fertilization travels in mom’s bloodstream back to her ovary. Ovarian cells detect that hormone and respond by producing progesterone—the very important hormone that will calm the uterine contractions for nine months and maintain the pregnancy. Later, the placenta will produce progesterone at even higher concentrations.” -Randy J. Guliuzza, P.E., M.D. “All-Or-Nothing Unity In The Human Body” from the book “Creation Basics & Beyond An In-Depth Look at Science, Origins, and Evolution” (2013) p. 108.

A right is a just claim, or privilege, endowed by God. From the moment of conception, we have the right to live, and it is the will of God that we do. If government were an institution of mankind, for instance to replace God, it would have no rights at all, only the privileges granted to it by its constituents, or its people. But government is an institution of God, so it does have some just claims, or privileges, endowed by God. Namely the right to enact and enforce laws that: 1) protects mortal, human life; and 2) redress for our grievances according to the will of God.

Because of Judeo-Christian teachings, which is the basis of most, if not all, modern civilization, we know the will of God is for us to “multiply”, that is, to have babies; to procreate. In fact, it is a commandment of God and we are forbidden to murder; to kill another human (see Genesis 1:28 & Exodus 20:13). Whether or not a woman wants to be a mother, or to have the responsibility of carrying a baby to term, it is the will of God that she does. Regardless of the circumstances of the conception, or fertilization, God wills it.

So what rights, if any, does the pregnant woman have? Well she does have the right to abort the baby, or to hire someone to perform an abortion, in the same way we all have a right to murder, or to hire someone to kill for us. That is to say, she has the right to choose to follow the will of God or to kill the baby. To end the life of a developing baby is just as against the will of God as any other murder is, and it should be against the law just as any other killing is, and it should be prosecuted just as any other killing is.

Scientists Uncover Why Some People Lose Their Sense of Smell While Infected with Coronavirus

“Now that we have CT scans of the noses and sinuses of people with COVID-19 smell loss, we can see that the part of the nose that does the smelling, the olfactory cleft, is blocked with swollen soft tissue and mucus – known as a cleft syndrome. The rest of the nose and sinuses look normal and patients have no problem breathing through their nose.”

Here’s the link to the full Epoch Times article:

Biden Admin Amassing Millions of Records on US Gun Owners Amid New Crackdown on Firearms

Heads up America, Biden’s ATF obtained more than 54 million gun owner records in 2021 alone!

The Deflation of the 1800s & Fall of the U.S. Dollar in the 1900s

Today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report was particularly clear and precise, so much so, I want to share it with you.

As I watched the harvest of the neighboring fields around my home, this year, I couldn’t help but wonder how it is that shelves are so empty around the country and even the world. Today, I am feeling hopeful; I understand better that this continued production isn’t being sucked up into a mysterious void, but is being stockpiled against the collapsed dollar. Hopefully, this time around, farmers won’t be persuaded to plow in their crops, as they were in the 1930’s to ensure continued inflation.

This video represents my first optimistic glimpse of a future where God has indeed blessed us with what I have been praying for, nearly every prayer, since April 4, 2020, that, among other things, “the economy [may be] strengthened and life normalized.”

Fed-created inflation and government-created shortages…It doesn’t have to be this way. Many of our American ancestors lived under much more favorable monetary conditions. For almost an entire century, the dollar would consistently purchase more goods and services, not less! Standards of living rose as a result of sound money. We can return to such circumstances once again. All that is needed is the will. -RonPaulLibertyReport

Chris Rossini’s first comments:

“I wanted to talk about a time period, in our history, that is totally unfamiliar to to what we’re used to, and that is after napoleon was defeated, in the early 1800s, all the way up until world war one and when the fed was created. During that time money would consistently buy more, instead of less.

“See, we’re used to our money constantly losing value, people are gambling in the stock market, they can’t make money in the banks, there’s inflation. They’re constantly creating new money. Well it wasn’t always this way. There was a time in our history where money was more, it was sounder than it is today, wasn’t perfect, uh because bankers and politicians have always been creating trouble, they will always create trouble, but compared to today, money was sound and we have no conception of how to live like this.

“You know, we have increases of money whereas they had increases of goods, not money. They didn’t care about how much money was being created, their money bought more, there was increases of goods. Today we have a government that pays people not to work, to produce vaccine mandates, (which, people are being fired and let go, again it’s going to hurt production) backed up ports, lockdowns, and at the same time, the Fed is creating trillions of dollars. It’s totally upside down. It’s a bizarro monetary system. It will end very badly.

“We just have to have enough people, enough influential people, to know what to do when that happens.”

Ron Paul continues the history through the 1900’s and why the greedy have led to the collapse of the U.S. dollar we are experiencing today.

Please watch the video and feel free to leave your comments below.

Are Mormons Required To OBEY Church “Leaders”?

Logo, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Apparently, there is a growing number of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who are confused about what a prophet is and isn’t. Because of this whole world-wide coronavirus pandemic, many of these members are claiming that “the prophet” has told us to wear masks, and other such nonsense claims. These people are sowing dissension within the church and even going as far as declaring that the members, like me, who refuse to wear the mark of the beast to enter meeting houses, are actually tares and should be removed from callings and the church.

So, I have collected a couple videos to help illustrate my argument that “a prophet is only a prophet when speaking prophetically”. In other words, if he, the president of the Church is not saying ‘sayeth the Lord’, or equivalent, he is just giving his opinion. For instance, when President Russel M. Nelson announced changes to the priesthood structure, shortly after being named president, he in fact claimed the change were divinely revealed. He was acting as a prophet.

This is a video released by the Church of Jesus Christ itself that teaches us exactly what a prophet is:

This second video is produced by a member of the Church by the name of Scott Woodward. I’m sharing it because it explores the doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints concerning the words church presidents say and whether they are meant to be obeyed or whether they are simply the opinion of the man who said them.

Please watch and share them with your member friends and family.