My Stance on Political Issues

This page contains my views of the issues that politicians and the media want us to be preoccupied with. There is an easy forum to follow, like the Republic, it is based on the God-given (inalienable) rights of the individual. If an action infringes upon a right of another individual, it isn’t a right; and therefore null. Individuals cannot be made to participate in acts of which they do not wish to take part in. You can apply this concept to any scenario imaginable thereby making the “issue” a nonissue like all the nonissue issues below.

I am pro-life and therefore believe in abortion. Abortion, since it does not contradict an individuals right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, is an inalienable right. Every individual has the inalienable right to manage themselves and their bodies. A woman has the right to decide for herself what is best for her own body according to her own conscience. A fetus [an unborn child in the early stages of development] has no rights. Like parasites, the fetus [child] only has permission to inhabit the womans body so long as the woman herself permits it. To give the fetus rights, would mean to take away the rights of the woman and no earthly power has that privilege. If a woman decides not to share her body with a fetus, than she can, and probably should, abort the pregnancy.

There is no such thing as animal rights. By giving rights to animals you take away the rights of man. There should never ever be any law to protect any animal for any reason. If you don’t want to lose an animal to extinction for whatever reason, round them up and put them in a cage where they can live without interfering with anyone. No animal should ever be put before the life, properties, freedoms, or liberties of any individual person.

A child has no rights, only privileges granted by the permission of a parent. Much like a fetus or parasite, a child needs the aid of a parent, or host, to survive. If a child could self sustain it’s own life, it would cease to be a child and then become a person with rights. Until that time, they exercise pure privilege. The transition, of a child into a right holder may happen at any time, and no individual, group, or government has the privilege to set a specific age for the transition. Such transitions are based on desire and capability. For anyone to designate a boundary based on age would suppress the liberty of those involved.

In a republic, which is based on common law and liberty, everyone is equal, we all have the same inalienable rights. To acknowledge a “special” right, regardless of the reason, is to suppress the true right and should not be tolerated. There is no such thing as “special [civil] rights”.

The death penalty is a means of justice, and should only be used as such. When a person kills another individual, the killer is denying, to that other individual, the right to life. By committing murder, killers reject the concept of individual rights and waive their own. They then deserve the death penalty as the consequence. The death penalty, however, should never be used for anything other than justice; It is not a political tool. To prevent the killing of innocent people (non-murderers) we must make sure that we have absolute proof of guilt through a lengthy judicial process. It is far better to let hundreds of murderers go free then to penalize by death a single innocent individual.

A democracy is the socialist system where the people meet and administer the government in person. The concept is that the majority, regardless of how small, will always have power and authority to decide what is best for the current society. Commonly referred to as ‘mob rule’, it is the exact opposite of a republic. Where democracy may endorse a certain form of freedom, it is incapable of obtaining liberty. Democracy is a majority-of-the-moment government that inevitably succomes to dictatorship.

Everyone has the right to life and as such has the right to make any decisions concerning life. The act of taking, distributing, or otherwise using drugs does not violate the inalienable rights of others. Therefore, the use of available drugs for any reason cannot be denied. Drugs as a product would be subject to the same aspects of any other commerce. It is within the right of government to regulate international commerce and therefore to tax the international import/export of any type of drug. It is outside the jurisdictions of government to restrict the production, distribution, or use of any drug not imported or exported.

No individual, group, or government has the right to dictate how the economy should work. Economy is the assessment of a collective wealth transfered in local enterprise. Everyone has a right to free enterprise and to decide for themselves what wealth is. To regulate the economy is to block the right to free trade or the right to define personal wealth. Economy in a free society is over rated and quite frankly irrelevant, to say the least. Where everyone has the right to free trade in general, it is a mutual privilege to trade specifically with someone.

Education is a privilege, not a right. Schools should only be private enterprises. Every individual has the choice to decide which school to attend for whatever particular type of education desired. If someone cannot pay for education, they must rely on private charity. There is no right to attend a particular school, because it would mean the eradication of another individual’s right to decide whether or not to teach. Government does not have a right to regulate schools or education at all. Likewise, there is no right to teach. The acts of teaching and learning are mutual privileges granted by the teacher and the student.

The purpose of government is to protect the inalienable rights of the individual citizenry of the respectable country. No individual, group, or organization has the right to delegate rights that infringe upon the sovereignty of the individuals. Such a right is not a right at all, but a privilege granted by the respective individuals concerning those individuals. It is the sole responsibility of government to monitor all international matters to divert invasion and war. It is the responsibility of the people to monitor the government on all matters both foreign and domestic to prevent usurpation, oppression, and tyranny. It is the obligation of the people to keep a constant vigil over government to ensure liberty and justice

A gun is a tool. It has a specific purpose; to project a bullet. It has also many uses; hunting, target practice, self-defense, and more. Everybody has the right to life and as such has the right to self-defense. The act of owning or using any weapon of self-defense does not violate the rights of others and therefore, guns, and the use thereof, cannot be restricted or regulated in any way other than purposes of international commerce.

The right to live is the fundamental right to every individual. We do not, however, have a right to force someone else to take care of us. Health care is a privilege provided by people who are exercising their right to decide what to do with their life. No individual, group, or government has the right to control, or otherwise regulate the health care industry. It is also not the obligation of any individual, group, or government to provide health care.

Immigration is only a problem in welfare states. In a republic, immigration is an asset. As the population grows, markets grow. The union of immigrants and the markets is a perpetual, self-eating snake. The more people there are, the greater need for products. The greater the need for products, the greater the need for more manufacturers, distributors, workers, and so on. Immigration need only be regulated concerning methods of invasion by countries who have obvious intents of war.

In a republic, everyone lives under a rule of law common to all; regardless of position, stature, beliefs, or any other distinction whether real or imagined. Common law is the law based on common sense; basically, it’s what this page implores. Start with the common God given (inalienable) right to life, and you have law. Anything that contradicts that right, or the rights that stem from that right, is against the law.

Morals are an individuals perception of what is good and bad or right and wrong based on a personal belief system. Every individual has the right to their own belief system, but no individual, group, or government has the right to mandate or restrict them.

Everyone has the right to make any decisions concerning their own life. The act of looking at, or distributing pornography, regardless of age or other distinctions, does not violate the rights of others. Therefore, porn, and the use thereof, cannot be regulated or restricted. Morals should be applied by the individuals involved. The acts of posing for pornography and taking pornographic pictures are not rights; they are mutual privileges granted by model and photographer. No individual, group, or government has the right to make an individual pose for or look at pornography, or otherwise participate in pornographic acts. Nor does any individual, group, or government have the right to restrict or regulate pornography.

The purpose for written law is to ensure there is never any kind of despot to usurp the powers of government; to protect the citizens from oppression, suppression, tyranny, and other civil destructiveness. Every law made must have only one purpose, to protect the rights of the individual citizens. The government, not the individual person, is regulated by statute.

Taxation in a republic does not have a role. Taxes imply an ownership or authority over whatever is being taxed. Taxation implies a permission granted to the seller from the government to share in the profits of the sale of government property whether an object or you. It opposes free trade and implies slavery. Taxation is not a right as it directly opposes the rights of others. Government funding can only be provided though voluntary fund raising means.