E-mail to NBC

I tried to send this to "The Jay Leno Show" on NBC.com through the ‘contact us’ form, but received an error for length:

"This message is about "The Jay Leno Show".

"I think "The Jay Leno Show" is 10 times better than "Tonight: With Jay Leno" was. The format is easier and funner to watch.

"The best new feature of the "The Jay Leno Show" is that there is no time wasted on a guest musician/band. I always hated that portion of "Tonight"- and "Saturday Night Live" for that matter. The second best thing about "The Jay Leno Show" is that the first guest is not pushed aside and forced to sit through another "interview" with a second guest. I always hated that, it seems so uncomfortable most of the time.

"Were I in charge of NBC, I would cancel "Tonight" and replace it with Jay’s full hour "The Jay Leno Show" now that Conan is leaving. My biggest fear, for when Jay returns to "Tonight", is that it will be the same as it was before: guest musical segment, and two guests on the couch.

"The Jay Leno Show" is 10 times better than "Tonight", no matter who is host."

Serving Success

I am such a happy camper. I have spent days trying to get my system set up so that I can log into my Linux server from my laptops. Using Xming in windows XP works awesome. My laptops are all dual-boot systems. So when I boot into Linux, I now have it set up so that my X window system can start up with a local login using the function seven key and a remote login using the function eight key. Technically this is referred to as virtual terminal seven, and virtual terminal eight.

The reason I wanted to do this is so that I can have a headless computer system running a Linux Debian server, but still be able to use that system as a regular desktop. I am now confident that the network system I install in my new camper trailer that I am building will function properly as I desire it. I can now remove that large bulky NEC multi-sync CRT monitor. That alone will allow me a more efficient use of electricity in my camper trailer.

Logical Degrees of Difference

Starting today, I have decided to try switching my preferred temperature scale from the American standard Fahrenheit to the more logical Celsius.

It is something that I have considered doing for years-along with switching to the metric measuring system for all other measuring needs-but have never really attempted before.  I made the decision today in a spur-of-the-moment manner.  It is my intension to use the nature of a 0 equals ice-melt (anything below means freezing while any positive measurement is above freezing) scale during the remainder of this winter to help ease me into the Celsius method.

Currently, the temperatures have been teetering the freezing (and ice-melt) mark and I have always been more inclined to think in terms of below or above freezing during times such as this.  With the Fahrenheit scale, one cannot simply glance at a readout and make that determination based on whether or not the number is positive or negative.