Webpage Update

For the next few days my site will be receiving a major face lift. I’ve already changed the index.html page so you can view it to see the new look.

Changes to expect in the new site:

I was never happy with the menu system I implored, so I have acquired a Javascript menu bar and will apply it to all my pages.

I never cared for the different formats between my website and this blog, so I’ve rewritten the HTML to mimic the blog. There are still some differences, but over-all it’s a better match. Eventually I’ll amend the code on the blog to farther match the website. It’s a bit tough for me though because my website is written primarily in HTML while this blog was written in Javascript.

I have also rewritten my introduction to the site on the index page. . . I hope for the better, but who knows?

If you notice some problems please let me know by leaving a comment here.

Singles Ward

I attended a singles ward this weekend. I’ve avoided them for years because I detest them so much. As fate would have it, I was visiting a friend who asked me to go to church with him. I knew he was in a normal ward, so I said sure. He’s new to the church scene and needed the support.

So we get to the church house, and flags are going off in my mind. This was not a regular LDS building and there were no children accompanying the adults that entered the church house. It didn’t take a brain-surgeon to figure it out. The building was as close to Dixie College as it could get.

As turns out, the fact he didn’t tell me was that some girls he had met at the previous Sunday’s fireside had invited him to go to their ward. Had my friend told me that, I would have known immediately that it was a singles ward and refused to go.

Not that there is anything wrong with singles (or college) wards. Though they exist out of iniquity, the Church does endorse and administer them. Then again, the Church itself as it exists today is a result of the wickedness of the members.

Like the story of the Moses and the 10 Commandments, the early members of the Church of Jesus Christ were so wicked that instead of enduring the persecution in Missouri, they were given a less righteous alternative of moving the Church to what is now Salt Lake City, Utah. Likewise, single members who refuse to get married and start a family become so uncomfortable attending services with congregations comprised of families that they just stop going.

Singles wards are good then for those people. After all, God would rather they followed some commandments rather than none at all. Hence the Church was given singles wards to keep otherwise unrighteous members righteous.

Despite the fact that I despise such wards, I’ll keep going with my friend until he feels comfortable going himself. After all, God would rather he followed some commandments rather than none at all.

Idiotic Assumption

Yesterday, a friend mentioned his boss could use another guy. I was informed that one the guys on the three man crew had not shown up for work and would be fired this morning. As I understand it, the boss asked my friend if he knew anyone. He thought of me and I agreed to give it a shot.

The boss took one look at me and started making excuses why I shouldn’t work for him. The job was lawn maintenance (running weed whackers and lawnmowers). He never even asked if I had done it before, he just knew he didn’t want me. He immediately started telling me how he needed someone with years of experience running a weed whacker and how it was a precision skill that must be trained.

I saw his equipment, there wasn’t a single one I haven’t been proficient with since I was 8 years old. I told the guy running a weed whacker was a no-brainer and told him he either wanted my help or he didn’t. After another runaround, I left.

The Patriot Bill Revisited

Yesterday, while volunteering at the local food bank, I had the misfortune to hear a talk radio program addressing the Patriot Bill. The host was against it 100% and continued to prove the bill’s unconstitutional nature. A few years ago, I wrote an article on the Bill stating the very same thing. However, I have learned so much since then.

Make no mistake, I am against the Patriot Bill and expect every true American to be against it. It violates many inalienable rights endowed by our creator. Rights our country was founded upon. Rights we are commanded to protect at all costs.

The point I would like to make now is not whether or not the Patriot Bill should be passed, but who it would lawfully effect if it were passed. Like any other statute passed by congress or a state legislature, it would only effect those subject to the statute itself. Since Congress does not have the authority to force American Citizens, who are sovereign, to submit to any particular statute, it is obvious the bill would only pertain to those individuals over which congress does have authority.

The legislative branch of the United States has certain specific powers constituted to it in the Constitution of the United States of America. Article 1 Section 8 is very clear on the matters of congressional authority. If it’s not mentioned in the Constitution, Congress does not have the power or authority to do it. Where Congress does have the authority to pass any bill into statute law, those laws may only be enforced in matters where Congress has direct authority.

Congress does not have authority over American Citizens. Since Article 1 section 8 only gives authority to Congress concerning matters expressed in the Constitution, any bill passed into law would only extend to or be enforced under those matters specified within the Constitution. In short, the statute only applies to congressmen, the president, government agencies, federal employees, the military, and corporations and individuals engaged in international and foreign commerce.

The Government of the United States, has no more power or authority over an American Citizen living in one of the States of America than it does over a Chinaman living in China, or an Englishman living in Great Britain.

There are two major ways to stop the Patriot Bill and other unconstitutional bills from becoming statute. One is the well known congressional means through our representatives and delegates. The other is through proper education. If the majority of Americans knew that bills passed by congress didn’t effect them at all, the threat of the government using the bill against the citizens would cease to exist, rendering the statute useless. Those who suppose they have power over the citizens would find themselves powerless before them.

This is what it means to have a government of the people for the people and by the people. This is what in means to live in a republic.

I would like to see the Patriot Bill eradicated and those who support it tried and arrest for treason. I believe to see that happen we need a well educated society; a citizenry committed to the teaching and sustaining of the truth. The material is there, the evidence we need is readily accessible. If more Americans read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America, we would have that citizenry. We would have our liberty.

Long live the Republic!

Webpage Update

The following chances were made to my website:

1: My Phil Hartman Memorial page is now up. It’s not as good as I would like (more pictures would be nice), but it does get the job done I think. I’ll leave it the way it is for a while.

2: My Star Wars page is now up. It’s a work in progress, which means I may or may not update it again in the near future. Episode 3 is coming!!! I cannot wait!

You can visit these new pages at:

page27.html or page27.html
page30.html or page30.html

Desert Rain

There’s no question about it, I’m back in St. George, Utah. As if I couldn’t tell by the incessant wind, it has to rain here at least once a week. For a desert, it sure is wet all the time. Last year there were only a couple times that one week went by without raining.

Two days ago, it was eighty degrees outside, today we won’t make sixty. This is the coldest, windiest, wettest desert I know of. Why, I don’t think it’s a desert at all; this is a moderate climate if I’ve ever seen one. Well, there are, after all, several reasons I refer to this place as Satan George, Utah; there’s no ‘Saint’ about it, however I look at.

The Movie Critique 002

On Monday, I watched National Treasure. Now, being a supreme law advocate and knowing as much as I do about our country and how and why it exists, I have to start by saying: What a crock of shit! Contrary to the propaganda of the film, our forefathers were NOT part of a secret society. And there are at least a dozen facts to prove it. That aspect of the movie was totally over the top.

Despite such an idiotic “mistake”, the plot was good. The characters were great and the acting fantastic. I enjoyed the story and the action, I wish there were more movies like this. . . without the propaganda of course. To make things even better, even though it was a Disney movie, there was no unnecessary sexually explicit material, so that just made it even better.

The tie-in with the founding fathers was the worst part of the movie and the least thought out. Think about it, if they had the ability and foresight to include an invisible treasure map on the back of the Declaration of Independence using special ink that would last forever, wouldn’t they have used a better ink for the document itself? And does anyone actually believe that a struggling group of British colonies would hide the very wealth that could buy their independence-mercenaries, treaties, bribes to the crown, etc. Give me a brake!

The worst part of this film is that I know the majority of the public will suck this bullshit propaganda right up. I mean, the filmmakers could have at least read the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, had they done so, they would have gotten a better insight to the type of characters our forefathers really were.

Secret society my ass. Come on people do a little research for a change.