Webpage Update

For the next few days my site will be receiving a major face lift. I’ve already changed the index.html page so you can view it to see the new look.

Changes to expect in the new site:

I was never happy with the menu system I implored, so I have acquired a Javascript menu bar and will apply it to all my pages.

I never cared for the different formats between my website and this blog, so I’ve rewritten the HTML to mimic the blog. There are still some differences, but over-all it’s a better match. Eventually I’ll amend the code on the blog to farther match the website. It’s a bit tough for me though because my website is written primarily in HTML while this blog was written in Javascript.

I have also rewritten my introduction to the site on the index page. . . I hope for the better, but who knows?

If you notice some problems please let me know by leaving a comment here.

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