The Movie Critique 003

So, after 23 years, was it worth the wait? Nope. As whole, the Star Wars Prequel failed in it’s initial objective. After waiting the 16 years for the first episode of the Star Wars saga, we were left with more questions and still no answers. Episode II did provide some insight on the Clone Wars, but still left us hanging in true Star Wars fashion. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, however, in attempting to provide all the answers carried the burden alone, and suffered because of it.

There are many flaws in this movie. First are the inconsistencies between the established facts of the original trilogy and the portrayal of the events in the prequel. The greatest of which was the death of Padame, Luke and Leah’s mother. In the original trilogy, Luke approaches Leah and asks about her [their] mother. Leah responds by telling him that she had been beautiful but sad. Back then, that made perfect sense. After all, wouldn’t you be sad if your true love who was such a good person had turned so evil? Now, with the unimaginative death of their mother in labor, we must assume Leah is referring to Mrs. Ortaga of Alduran. This then defeats the purpose of Luke even asking about her [his] mother. After all, he only did so in an attempt to know his own mother.

The second inconsistency is when Ben tells Luke that Darth Vader had helped the emperor hunt down and kill the jedi knights. We now know that he did nothing of the sort. The only thing Anikin did was help the emperor kill Mace Windu, and then, as Darth Vader, attack the jedi temple and kill all the younglings who had been left unprotected because of the war. We find out that the emperor had separated the jedi as leaders of the clone armies fighting various battles across the galaxy, leaving them vulnerable to attacks by the clones themselves. In fact, neither Anikin Skywalker nor Darth Vader ever killed a single jedi, let alone “hunt” one.

Besides the inconsistencies in the story of the saga itself, there were also plenty of flaws with the movie as a movie. The appearance of “Rubberman” in several scenes throughout the movie, was annoying. I guess he did such a good job in Attack of the Clones, he was able to renew his contract. The fact that the clones kept taking their helmets off was contradictory to the very nature of the armor in more than one way. The reason they wore helmets in the first place was because they were just clones, and they look alike. They are essentially one step better than than the battle droids, after all.

And there was the propaganda. The confusion of a democracy and a republic is exploited more in this movie than any previous movie in existence. Period. Lucas just has no concept of the reality of government and it’s importance. This movie is a disgrace for any American, or any citizenry of all the republics on this world. Democracy cannot coexist with a republic. The two systems are as different as anything can get.

The propaganda didn’t end with the misrepresentation of a republic either. The concept that families lead to hatred and the “dark side” is an abomination to our way of life. Ah, to have the kind of money Lucas threw away just to preach this Satanic drivel. Ignorance must be so bliss.

The desire to show us Luke, Leah and the machine-clad, helmeted Darth Vader in the prequel was tasteless. It was unnecessary, unrealistic, and unimaginative. Had a more inventive storyteller made the prequel, they would have been left out and unmentioned beyond Padame being pregnant. Many other changes would have been made as well. The wookies, for instance. What purpose, beside Yoda saying Chewbacca’s name, was there? We never saw their world, we never got to know who they were or their stake in the whole thing. It was meaningless. Lucas could have benefited greatly by remembering Return of the jedi. And, where was Alduran? How can we feel compassion for the destruction of that planet in A New Hope having never seen it and now knowing that Luke and Leah’s family weren’t from there.

Too many flaws, too many inconsistencies. Was it worth it? The four-fifty dollars admission and a twenty-three year wait. Not hardly.

I’ll be glad when Lucas goes back to making the intentional bad movies that he’s always dreamed of making.

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith was disappointing to say the least. I should have known, the other two movies of the prequel got bad reviews, while this one got a good one. Never trust the majority, they’re just too unintelligent to be trusted with such matters. The fundamental problem with democracy by the way.

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  1. Hey Wes,
    I watched the SW III on my PC yesterday. It was a very bad cinema rip but enjoyeble. I always watch the movie month before the official premiere here in Slovakia (because I can’t wait 🙂 ). Than I go to cinema just to enjoy the effects and action.

    I will go to see this movie again. But I am also dissapointed in it. I also consider the “Rubberman” and Chewbacca as very anoying. I think Lukas wanted to have this in the movie just for the record (maybe to remind people of these characters). The movie doesn’t leave anything on our imagination.

    SW 3 confirmes my thoughts of “the first of trilogy is the best”. I remember Matrix 2&3 have never got over the first”. Just effects, not the story. (The same with the Taxi 1-3). The exaption might be LOTR but this exaption just confirms the rule 🙂 (FOR ME of course).

  2. Hey Vlad,
    I did kinda like the first Matrix, but the second was so bad that I didn’t even bother with 3. I didn’t much care for Lor of the Rings 1 enough to bother with 2 and 3 in the theater. Although, I remember thinking that if I could get a chance to see them on video, I would. That chance hasn’t come yet.

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